I like it like that

Newt was in a slump, but that was nothing unusual, was it? He was making the most of his emo self as of late. Wasn't that the norm? Everything was usually shitty so why had he thought this school year might be different.

No change in Amy's condition. Why would he expect there to be? Still it was the only place to go after school. Some one to be with in his loneliness. She was certainly doing her part by sleeping through it. But as it was, the baby was just fine. Or so they kept telling him. He supposed that was a good thing.

A part of himself kept thinking that baby better be his. For as much time as he spent here in Amy's room, he at least wanted something to end well. Perhaps. But then again, it was just as well not to think of it as his own since he didn't have all that many things to begin with. Granted, he knew it wasn't a thing. Just Amy's baby. It would have to be just that until he knew differently.

One of the nurses had given him a book. She told him he might as well read to her. But it was Pride and Prejudice. The thought of it made him ill. Did she know the troubles he had reading, as it was?

But then he remembered, the library. Due to some unknown disruption of the evidence, the police had given up on the real cause of what caused the library fire. They'd wrote it off as just faulty of old wiring in the building. After all the building was well over a hundred years old. For all he knew maybe the ghost he'd let loose in the library saved him. Perhaps Becca did adore him after all.

Of course, if he admitted this to anyone they might think he'd completely lost the plot. Best to keep to himself. So he did as the nurse asked. He knew, Becca being an English teacher would approve of such a classic for him to get lost in. And he would be lost. This sort of literature left him with a "huh" for the most part.

And now he found himself re-reading over lines in the commons. Just in case Amy were to wake up and finding him reading. He so wanted to get it right. But then maybe she needed a good laugh as he did.

"I've never seen you quite this studious in my life, Newt." Lauren was sitting on the couch waiting for Laleh, Newt supposed.

"I'm not actually doing it for me." Newt informed her.

"Quite odd, indeed." She offered him a crisp then.

"No, I can't."

"You're more pale than usual, thinner in fact," Lauren told him.


"You could tell me." Lauren sighed. "I know things are different now, but I never stopped being your friend. I never will, Newt. You have to remember that."

"It doesn't matter, all right." He closed his book and pushed his black bangs back. "I know I can count on you. I always could. Its just this is something that won't get fixed. Nothing can fix it. And the more I can get passed it, the better off for all." He remained even lipped about the matter.

"Did you break up with-" She wouldn't say who, because she wasn't going to let it get around about just how much Newt had changed in the past year.

"Something like that."

"No... So that's what this is about." She stared at him. "I'm sorry. Really, I am."

"Shut up." But he supposed she knew he didn't mean it.

"Come on, have a crisp," Laren coaxed. "Come around after school to Laleh's, we'll cheer you up."

"I'd rather not." That made him a bit nervous to think about. The two of them. He didn't think so.

"What can I do?" She looked at him sad that she had nothing to offer to make him feel better in the slightest.

"Nothing." He shook his head, no. "Really."

"I'm sure Laleh will think of something." Lauren nodded.

"I have my book to read," Newt winced. "Leave me alone." He went back to reading then.


cait said...

I just love this one. I love Newt.

gossip guy said...

aww..so sad yet sweet. hang in their newt. but gotta wonder if he did get together with those two if it might turn into a 3some...heheheee.

justkyut said...

poor newt.. doesn't know what to do..

Hey Ivy! have a nice weekdays!

UmassSlytherin said...

"have a crisp!" ahhh, the brits really know how to get me going! heheheh!

excellent chapter! well done!

autumn said...

i really like the character of Lauren. she's really annoying. lol.

aw. poor Newt. =[