it could be home

Josh felt a chill in the air when he got to the Barnes' doorstep with the key. He couldn't stop beaming. This was incredible. The Barnes' place all to themselves.

"I don't know if I like this, its like stealing someone's home, isn't it?" Simon reminded him.

"I wish you wouldn't worry so, its - its house sitting."

"House sitting?" Simon winced slightly with a sigh and decided he'd be the first one in the door. He took a look around. Of course the place was a mess. He should have expected as much from Amy. And she'd had all this time to herself.

"What had she been doing?" Not a clean dish in the kitchen. Simon sighed restlessly and started to work immediately.

"You have to stop worrying so much," Josh said when he came up from behind Simon and wrapped his arms around him,who already had the hot water started in the sink. "Everything will be fine." He rested his chin on Simon's shoulder.

"If you say so."

"When is the last time we've had a moment's peace to ourselves?"

"Don't even ask," Simon sighed.

"Well, we're alone now."

"And, and this is a hopeless mess." Simon reminded him.

"It can wait a little while longer," Josh pulled back Simon's hair and kissed him on the neck. Just then Simon let out a sigh of relief and turned off the water then.

"And just what would you have in mind?" Simon turned back to Josh with a kiss.

"Certainly not tea."

"No, I really think its past tea time?" Simon smirked staring at Josh.

"Is it? You don't say? Then I think we should definitely check out the bedroom." Josh grinned. Of course, they looked around the livingroom wondering just where the main bedroom would be.
Just then Simon picked up Newt's black handkerchief with the white skulls. "Wonder what that's doing here?"

"Who cares? Which one is the Barnes' bedroom?" Josh went and opened Amy's room. He did remember it. Although, it was so long ago it was a vague memory. It wasn't as if they'd done anything more than kissed here. Yet that was in a time when he was in love with the idea of love and what it should be.

"Definitely, not the Mr. and Mrs. Barnes'," Simon said. "Did she ever make her bed?" Total pink and purple chaos.

"Not everyone is as tidy as you," Josh told him.

"Which reminds me, can we really trust Billy with Leia?" Simon looked a bit concerned then.

"Mate, she's with her Dad. Stop worrying." Josh sighed as they backed out of Sarah's room which must have been Leia's room now.

"It must be this one then," Simon mentioned.

"Zoe, Didn't Mr. Barnes shack up with her, wonder what happened about that when he won that Reality show?" Josh wondered.

"Maybe she's with him." Simon shrugged. "Mrs. Barnes is long gone, got on with some big corporation in Japan."

"They probably weren't ever intending to come back. I take it they'd left the place to Amy and Leia. So you see, its not even the Barnes anymore. Its Amy's." Josh looked around the room then. They'd hit the jackpot. The room was big enough for a queen sized bed and the closet space was lovely.

"Well, until she's you know, functioning, I think I could get used to this." Simon couldn't help but smile.

Josh sealed it with a French kiss. He plopped Simon on the bed. It was definitely their time.


blue hearts said...

Aw..a new place for simon and josh. nice.

UmassSlytherin said...

I simply cannot get enough of simon and josh. they are my favorite couple currently! :) so so cute! :) well done! :)

Anonymous said...

lol. yeah I do get that alot actually and I don't think I look older than 13 honestly :-) lol Loven' the Simon and Josh!

Sydney Speel said...

glad they get alone time.


i'm lovin' S+J more every time i read!

Anonymous said...

lol sometimes music does give me the courage to do things I wouldn't normally do and I guess sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. lol thanks for the comment and thanks for the wishes!


autumn said...

finally, the get to be with each other all alone.