its like this

Simon was doing his best to get along with having Sasha around.

Really, he knew of her, but they we never really friends. Of course, why would they have to be friends even now.

"So you know where everything is?" He'd keep this formal. She was a bit of an employee, perhaps.

He was needed back at the library. Oddly, he had to have his laptop tag along to keep track of what books needed to be ordered, killed and possibly saved for the cataloguing. But he couldn't really go into this with anyone but Jeremy who was the one teaching him this as everything progressed along at rebuilding the library.

"Pretty much." She nodded rather shy.

"Any word from Rhys?" He couldn't help but ask. He knew it was her own business but then he thought of Kelsy and her troubles with him.

"I don't intend to have anything to do with him." She picked at her fingernails then as if she didn't want to speak of him.

"I don't know how to say this, but me thinks he's rather infectious," Simon shrugged. "If I were you, I'd get myself checked out."

"What?" She looked at him then as if she might as well have something deadly.

"I'm not saying your days are number or anything. But I gather, he might be contagious with something, he doesn't even know. And its not his moves in bed. Its what comes afterwards." Simon slightly smirked as he was leaving.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Its for your own good, that's all." Simon nodded. "And if you go, like you should, to the clinic, best take him along, cause he'll need the antibiotics as well, if he's ever gonna a knock it."

"Who have you been talking with?"

"Kelsy, " Simon said. "I'm not saying I'm on her side. I'm not on any-one's side in this. She just wants to get knocked up. I suppose. But she keeps having this infection that won't go away. I'm just telling you, you might have to start a club with her if you don't get it taken care of."

Sasha just nodded.

"So long then."

"Have a good day," Sasha remained her sad self. Simon wasn't so sure she meant it.


ellie said...

Oh, that Simon. I love him.

Cait said...

Simon and Sasha. It could get ugly.

UmassSlytherin said...

Oh my my! Simon is sooo sexy when he says "knocked up!" I want to doooo things to him! :)

I love this chapter! Excellent confrontation! :) Well done!

just Ivy said...

Simon he's so Simon.

Justkyut said...

Simon don't be too dry on Sasha

Sydney Speel said...

told you i love Simon!

Diana Coronado said...

Everyone loves simon !!

autumn said...

lol @ Simon. he and his "big mouth"? lol.