just not possible

Simon wasn't sure if he liked this idea of Josh's. They were finally alone and really he didn't want to be spending it arguing with him over Sasha.

"Are you sure we should really be involved in this?" Simon was folding towels and Josh was sorting socks in their bedroom while Leia was still off with Billy. "This is your brother's mess, not ours."

"You know, Sasha," Josh shrugged.

"Yes, I know, I'm not saying I think she's quite pathetic or anything of the like, but you want her to move in?" Simon didn't want to believe it.

"It seemed like the right thing to do."

"Why didn't you ask me, first?" This was what bothered Simon the most.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it." Josh dropped the socks then and came across the bed as if he could make it right if he kissed Simon then.

Simon backed away.

"No, that's your answer to everything, now isn't it?" Simon gave him a stern stare. "We have to get this straightened out. What have you done?"

"Nothing." Josh winced.

"We move in here, not even sure we belong here. Then you go inviting an old school friend to shack up with us just because of her one nighter with your brother put her in a predicament with her boyfriend. You know it'll end badly." Simon sighed, putting away the towels.

"No, it won't." Josh tried to explain. "She can help us with Leia, you know. You'll see. She cooks."

"What is that suppose to mean?" Another thing that put Simon off. Was he saying his cooking was that horrible?

"I'm just saying-" Josh gave up explaining. "Lets not be upset about this. It won't be forever. I'm sure she'll decide who she really wants to be with, and that'll be the end of it. And we get someone to help with Leia."

"I don't like using people," Simon informed him.

"We're not." Josh assured him, coming around the bed then to wrap his arms around him. "You'll see it won't be so bad. Sasha needs us right now."

"If you say so." Simon couldn't resist Josh's kiss then, nor his touch as Josh's fingers slid through Simon's long hair. They Frenched then, making each other want each other more.

"How much time do we have before she gets here?" Simon wanted to know.

"An hour or so."

"Really?" Simon sighed. The rest of the laundry went on the floor. Simon pulled Josh on top of him on the bed. They kissed even more as they undressed. Their skin touched. Simon was determined to make the most of the moment before any possible interruptions.


Cait said...

This could be problems.

Justkyut said...

Simon give it a try with Sasha. She needs someone at this time and taking care of Leia for awhile will make her busy and occupied.

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! thanks! I sometimes like to write but can't find the time. LOL!

jules said...

u write so good ivy ;)

another titillating episode ahihi :)

anthony luvs johanna said...

Well..at least there is the makeup stuff..heheheheeeee...

Sydney Speel said...

you are amazing.

i love simon in this one.

Sydney Speel said...

you are amazing.

i love simon in this one.

gossip guy said...

gotta love Simon.

autumn said...

really great couples they are. ^^