just the three of them

"You suppose, they'll be back, right?" Billy had an itch to get on the street from what Newt could tell.

"Hold on," Newt winced. They were all but comfy sitting on the couch watching cartoons with Leia between them. "Simon and Josh have busted their arse for you, and you think they shouldn't have some time to themselves."

"Don't bugger me, I'm just saying we could be out there looking for the real person who started all this anguish to begin with, Ste." Billy scowled back.

"Whatever." Newt rolled his eyes. "You have to let the coppers handle that, mate. You just don't go around making citizen's arrest."

"Who said anything about an arrest. I want to kill him!"

"Now is that anyway to talk in front of a child, man? You want her talking such-" then Newt had to stop himself from saying anything naughty.

"Maybe you could stay with her, you know."

"No, I won't. You will do no such thing. You are stuck with both of us." Newt gave Billy an aggravated look. "Now get us some pillows. I think Leia is ready for bed."

"Bed?" Billy got up."Where will she sleep?"

"Right here in the floor."

"What would Simon think?"

"This is ridiculous," Newt laughed. "Who cares what Simon would think. Who's the daddy?"

Billy was in a huff. He went to get the extra pillows from the closet.

Newt went to brush Leia's teeth.

Billy plopped the pillows on the floor as if this was something he could only observe and not be a part of.

"OK," Newt said to Leia once he got her gown on her. "We're going to make you a sleeping bag." He showed her how to crawl into the pillow case where the pillow was her bed . He put the other pillow under her head and then put her blanket over her. "Comfy?" She shook her head, yes.

"You just keep watching Sponge Bob til you go to sleep now," Newt said and plopped himself back on the couch.

"What is that?"

"What?" Newt just looked at Billy as if he'd never used his ingenuity. "I always slept this way when I was little. Always found it soothing."


"You'll see." Newt laid across the couch then with his hands behind his back.

In a bit, Leia was asleep, and Billy turned off the TV and edged himself next to Newt.

"You know, sometimes, I wish you were Leia's father instead of me," he told Newt.

Newt just sighed.

"But would she be as pretty if she were?" Newt questioned.

"You are joking, aren't you?"

"Not really." Newt shrugged. "Having a child is a great horror. Sort of like opening Pandora's box. You know, it could get really ugly. But then again most things are ugly in life. And if something is right, well, you just don't sit back and gawk at it. You appreciate it." Newt touched Billy's hand then.

Billy turned to Newt and they kissed, longingly.


autumn said...

yah, i wish Newt is Leia's dad. so sweet. lol.

UmassSlytherin said...

i love billy so much, even though he can be a whiney little bitch, I still want to grab him and do stuff to him. :) :) :)

well done, great chapter! :)