just you and me

Newt laid across Simon and Josh's couch. He supposed they wouldn't be needing it at the Barnes.
"And its all yours, aye," Newt licked his dry lips.

"Yeap," Billy gave a slight wink.

Newt grinned back. He guess they'd have to behave themselves with Leia around.

"It was really sad seeing Amy, like that," Newt then remembered. "They had to shave her head, you know. Hope some kid got her hair for a wig, you know. Those kids with cancer and stuff."

"Amy was never that nice."

"Well, don't go talking like she's dead. She can come back any second," Newt told him.

"Why are you going on about her, anyway?" Billy paced then.

"I'm just saying," He should just shut it. Didn't want to start up anything. Especially, about what he knew. "If it hadn't happened, where would we be, right now?"

"The beach." Billy shrugged.

"Yeah, and if that other thing hadn't of happened-" Newt thought of the fire then. He guessed they could still be hiding out at the library.

"Forget it. Forget what happened, Newt."

"I can't. Neither can you and you know it."

"I have."

"You're so clever," Newt rolled his eyes. "You prat."

"I'm not a prat. Stop saying that."


"How can you say that?" Billy winced. He went off the bathroom then and slammed the door shut.

"Shit." He let the word slip ever so slightly. Newt got up then and looked at Leia playing with her toys. He couldn't exactly leave her, now could he. And he'd just said, shit. Shit. He just couldn't stop himself from feeling like that.

He walked down the hallway, almost to the bathroom, but not quite. He leaned against the wall and kept an eye on Leia.

"I didn't really mean it," Newt said with his arms crossed.

"Yes, you did."

"You know how I feel about you."

"I think-"

"You don't need to think. You need to get with the program. You gotta stop being all snobbish and thinking you're above the rest. Cause you're stuck here with the rest of us, and you know you very well enjoy it. You, arse!" Newt told him. Really, he was more of a baby in all this than Leia who was quite comfortable with her dolls and her plastic tea-cups.

"I think she's ready for tea, you know. You better get your, arse out here and behave yourself." Newt walked away. Surely there had to be some crisps around, but then again it was Simon who bought the groceries. He guess he'd have to get healthy sooner or later if he was going to be hanging around Billy's.


blue hearts said...

aw..i really like this scene. those two.

ellie said...

I love Newt!

autumn said...

Newt, what a guy.