lodging and the like

Billy couldn't even stand to be in Amy's room. The sight just made him ill. He needed a walk and a cigarette.

This would do him no good, getting it all out in the open about Leia. And had anyone even thought of looking for Ste yet? Was that just a lost cause? Had he left the country?

It sent a shiver through him. As it was, he didn't remember even eating today. He felt faint. This was all rushing in as a huge wave of grief, and he didn't know where in the hell he fit in.

"Where in the world are you going?" Josh was carrying Leia and he handed her right over to him before he could even manage to get the cigarette in his mouth.

"What?" Billy winced with his hands full.

"You better shape up, mate or I've got news for you?" Josh snapped.

"What are you talking about?"

"You're ass is covered at the moment, but you're still gonna do your share," Josh told him. "This is not an easy matter. At the moment, looks like Leia's in my care. And-"

"And what?" Was it money he wanted? His pockets were empty.

"I need you to take care of our place. Its just temporary."

"Temporary?" Billy squinted. At least Leia was happy to see him. He guessed, but she was pulling on his hair.

"Yes, for the time being, we're moving in to the Barnes' so Leia can be in her own room. That means, you can stay at our place, but you'll have to work at the Black Cat. It might be every night."

"Every night?" He gasped. Then he grinned. "Holy sh-" he stopped himself from saying it, but it would be sweet to get some pretty tips to call his own.

"When?" Billy asked.

"Immediately." Josh stared hard at him.

Billy just nodded.

"And can you take Leia back with you? She's getting tired." Josh shrugged.

"Thanks." Billy scowled. "Will you tell Newt to hurry up?" He really didn't feel like being alone with Leia.


ellie said...

Billy, what a guy.

blue hearts said...

Maybe Billy will grow up now. For Leia's sake. I hope.

UmassSlytherin said...

oh my god....josh and billy should make out! :) :) that would be spectacular! :)

just a thought! :)

Ana Nicole♥ said...
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Ana Nicole♥ said...

niice(: ohh,and i think it's good to be busy. lol!!!
looving youh story,just catching up again. aren't i so weird? i leave and then i come back and then i leave and come back. gaaah. XD

autumn said...

is it a starter for Billy to become more responsible now? lol.