looking at you upside down

Newt wasn't so sure he understood Billy about wanting to tell his parents about them.

"No, don't," Newt didn't like it.

"Why not, I thought you'd be pleased." Billy winced as they finally had some alone time for once this week after he got off work from the Black Cat early. They were back at Billy's.

"I think its just as well to let it go. Never tell them, if-"

"You are wrong. You are so wrong about this," Billy shook his head.

"If they know, then Frankie will know and-and I don't think I could handle this, right now. I just don't."

"But why."

"You don't want to know." Newt switched on the TV then with the remote. Billy switched it off.

"I want to know."

"Its nothing." Newt hugged himself and nibbled his bottom lip.

"But it is," Billy smiled, moved in closer with his arm around Newt on the couch. "You can tell me anything."

"But it might not be true."

"What does it got to do with us?" Billy's eyes lit.

"Its too early to even really know." Newt frowned a bit then.

"Know what?"

"About Amy."

"Yeah, what is it about Amy? You keep this torch of some kind going for her. What's that about?"

"She's my friend." Newt nodded.

"All right. So?"

"And she's Leia's mother." He then sighed.

"And?" Billy gave him a hard stare.

"And quite possibly I'm the father of her unborn child." Newt barely got the words out. "But that probably isn't so. Because you know how long she's been with Ste."

"YOU WERE WITH AMY!" Billy got up then as if he'd set the place on fire, and he needed to be alone.

"It was nothing." Newt sighed.

"Obviously, it was something!" Billy grimaced. "How could you!"

Newt couldn't give him an answer.

"WHY!" Billy's voice cracked. He shook his head, no.

Newt gritted his teeth.

"I dunno," Newt mutter. "I kept thinking of you. I did. I really did."

Billy scowled and kept shaking his head. "Just get out! Will you."

Newt did as he asked. It was no use to say anything more. This was something Newt couldn't take back.


taffy. said...

billy needed to know.

blue hearts said...

oh no..say it ain't so....

ellie said...

Yeah, Billy needed to know but I like them together.

yuri said...

its too early to tell. :(

jules said...

i guess billy should give himself more time to think about if its really "time" to let his parents know about them...this is sad...

autumn said...

yes. Newt has already told Billy about the unborn child. i was waiting for that. *grins*