A lot like what they have but better

Was it possible to be out of shape when it came to work? Really, Billy couldn't remember the last time he had a real job.

Well, being with Leia had taken a toll on him. Actually, he wasn't sure if she even liked him. Maybe she just tolerated him. How could that be? But then he thought of his own family and his own father and how they barely spoke to each other. It tugged at his heart a little as he wiped down the bar and made sure the clean mugs were in a hands reach to get to the lager. At the moment though the place was fairly empty.

Kelsy was dawdling, of course.

"Why are you even here?" Billy hadn't really gotten to know his neighbor other than just her laugh from across the hall and the clumsy racket along with the giggles she made.

"I am waiting for someone, if you must know." She gave him a snarl.

"Are you now?" Billy gave her a stare. Maybe it was that Rhys. He'd seen her around with him from time to time. But what if she was carrying on a business right out of her apartment. Maybe that's how she acquired her posh digs.

Naturally, he thought of Newt. He supposed he was off at the hospital again to sit with Amy. He couldn't get over it. Why would he? Seriously, you'd think he was her boyfriend. Perhaps it was just a cover, that was all. Or maybe he was just getting back at him for not admitting Newt was more than just a mate.

But how would it be if everyone knew? It would be quite shitty with his parents for starters. They didn't even know about Leia and if they knew about Newt, It would be just a turn for the worse, now wouldn't it?

So much to think about, there was no chance of happiness as far as Billy could see. Secrets were all he had to linger with.

Just then he saw Fletch come into The Black Cat all smiles and all eyes were on Kelsy. They embraced and kissed. It was all so disgusting to Billy. It just wasn't fair.

He went back to wait on someone at the counter then. When he looked up there was Newt in the late afternoon sun, coming in. His heart almost skipped a beat.

"How about a pint?" It was the least Billy could do.

"So its not so bad, now is it?" Newt remained even lipped as if he could care less if Billy offered him a lager or not.

"No, not at all." But Billy had to face it, it was just about as crappy as any other job he'd had.

"And you'll be off, won't you in a bit?"

"Just give me five."

Newt nodded and drank at his drink. Finally, Billy came around the bar without his apron.

"So what do you want to do?"

"Definitely, not the library," Newt smirked.

"Then we shall go upstairs and play Final Fantasy." Billy shrugged. Nobody would ever think anything different going on in the flat.


autumn said...

what could ever happen if Billy would find out Newt's baby. OMG. lol.

cait said...

I feel happy and sad for Billy at the same time.

UmassSlytherin said...

I love billy so much!!!!!!!! I wish I could be disgusting with him!!! hehehe!

excellent updates! :)

Sydney Speel said...

poor billy...

that sucks about his job ;(