one of those kind of nights

Simon awoke suddenly in the middle of the night. Something was odd. It was just the two of them. He and Josh.


Where was Leia?

Simon was the one who felt at a loss now. He pulled his hair back with his hand and remembered she was with Billy, but she should be here in her own bed. Not uncomfortable, god knows where back at the flat.

He pulled on his track pants and T-shirt. He finally found his sneakers in the dark and got those on too.

There was Josh sacked out completely. Simon just sighed and walked as quietly as he could out of the room. He had to go back for Leia. So he grabbed the keys and left.

It didn't take long to jog through the village past The Dog and a few blocks more past the library to The Black Cat. Of course, the pub was still in full swing. He saw Kelsy hanging out with someone other that Rhys.

That took him by surprise. It was Fletch, Josh's cousin. They'd never really been friends, but they were never enemies, either. But Simon didn't stop to talk, he raced up the stair to see what was up.

Of course, everyone was asleep too. Billy and Newt were pretty cozy on the couch.

"Well, isn't this just lovely," Simon slightly fretted when he saw them.

"Jesus! Simon!" Billy almost fell in the floor. "Everything is all right, you know."

"Oh really? So you say," Simon looked down at Leia asleep on the pillows. "Don't tell me, Newt's idea?" Simon sighed.

"What are you going to do?"

"Take her home with me so she can sleep in her own bed."

"She's perfectly fine." Billy told him.

"The whole point of moving into Amy's was to make sure Leia could be where she's used to."

"What's she's used too?" Billy winced. "Or who could that be, Simon? You."

"Billy, your barking up the tree a little too late here."

"And you should just leave, now." Billy was in a huff.

"Not without Leia."

Billy's teeth clenched he was ready to throw a punch.

"Don't!" Newt pulled him back. "She'll be fine. And you know it." Newt looked up at Simon, "I guess I'll see you at the library then, tomorrow. Have they figured out how it happened?"

"Not as of yet, still under investigation."

Billy gritted his teeth harder.

Simon picked up Leia in her pillow as to not to disturb her anymore than he had too.

"Remember, you're on tomorrow at The Black Cat, an eight hour shift," Simon reminded Billy as he left with Leia.

Billy just gave him a scowl and looked away.


autumn said...

how sweet of Simon for remembering Leia.

UmassSlytherin said...

Simon a wonderful guy as usual.

However, I must admit that seeing Simon and Billy fight gets me excited! :) heheh I'm so bad!!!

Excellent chapter! :)

Dapper Kid said...

Simon is a cool dude here.

ellie said...

Simn is my man. Poor billy though..I kind of feel sad for him.

ellie said...

You've won an award at my blog.