quite fetching

Newt was none to pleased to be back in uniform. But Frankie, Mrs. Dean was all smiles. Of course, he thought she was more pleased to see her Craig back. But whatever.

"You've grown so much this summer," Frankie went on and on. It was really killing him.

"Whatever," Newt rolled his eyes. "Can you please just let me go." She wasn't letting go of him in the suit.

"You promise you'll be off to the school, no slip ups?"

"Of course." But it irked him to no end. Billy had even gotten on the band wagon.

"You have to try," Mrs. Dean was being the mother of all mothers at the moment. "You've improved so much, really you have. I think the library has only given you more confidence."

"Thanks," was that what she wanted to hear? How long could this conversation go on? "I need to go. I'll be late." He pulled away. He hated it when she made over him and yet he missed it when she didn't.

She was right though, he was going to be serious this year. Stay on the right track. Get his lessons in on time, and he'd make sure to get those bloody research papers in. Newt was finally where he wanted to be.

Of course, he met Laleh on the steps of the school. There she was in her knee high socks making her thighs all the more sexy in her school uniform. It was a little distracting but not completely. There was Lauren, all in her stylish Laleh fashion. For a moment, he had to stop himself from wanting to watch the two of them together. He'd never get any work done if that were the case.

"So who really persauded you the most?" Laleh just smiled.

"Well, it wasn't you," Newt mustered up a slight scowl.

"I bet Billy had something to do with it," Lauren chimed in looping her arm in Laleh's.

"Possibly," Newt remained even lipped. It was after all time to put on his emo face. "I'd rather not talk about it."

"As if I would care," Laleh assured him. "I hear Fletch is Ian's new side kick."

"But he's sleeping with the new singer in the band. I've heard them across the hall at Billy's." Newt told Lauren.

"And I wonder what she's heard coming from Billy's," Lauren taunted back with a laugh. They walked in then. Was this their last year here? Newt hoped it went quickly.


autumn said...

lol @ Newt. i like him being serious and stuff like that. same with Laleh and Lauren for being so annoying. haha.

ellie said...

what a trio. hmmmm...what trouble could they get into now.

Cait said...

Love the title. It'll be interesting to see how the school year goes.

blue hearts said...

"fetching"...um sweet.

jules said...

eewwww. i nid a lot of reading to do i guess. i wasn''t about to read the previous posts.

funny newt. :D

UmassSlytherin said...

I love the descriptions in this chapter: love it when you describe how they look, it really brings the characters to life! :) such a great scene! :)

Diana Coronado said...

I'm like o o