Staying the course

"Bloody bullocks!" Josh was at his wits end. Simon could see it was getting to him. Work. Trying to take classes and of course, the likes of Sarah.

"Was it a bad row?" Simon wondered as he looked up from his laptop with Library files. At least Leia was with Billy. Josh had been on his cell with Amy's sister.

"For the life of me, what did Rhys ever see in her," Josh was steamed. It was like her to ruin the whole evening. "She bloody well knows we need her help and she's the most selfish cow. She has to be at the spa when we need her to be looking after Leia."

"Sounds about right," Simon went back to his work. "All this modeling has made her rather posh. To bad she doesn't have an eating disorder or the like so we might could feel sorry for the sad sap."

"I should have figured as much. She's sour on Amy. I just thought she might help a little, but I think she must take after her mother now. I never liked her, either," Josh then said putting on the kettle.

"Aw, good, a spot of tea," Simon sighed ready to take a break.

"So is this work tedious?" Josh hadn't asked about Jeremy's assignment.

"Not really, once you get in a rhythm of copying and pasting and the like. Its really quite soothing. A lot like knitting."

"Knitting?" Josh couldn't help but laugh.

"Don't knock it," Simon said getting up and wrapping his arms around Josh. "You can look at something laborious all you want, but to make it fascinating and fun, that is the key."

"If you say," Josh turned and gave Simon a kiss. It was a good snog til the kettle sang.


ellie said...

Oh, you know how I like these two.

gossip guy said...


autumn said...

i like the way they talk to each other. =]

UmassSlytherin said...

I love this British snogging so much: simon and josh are so hawt together, I wish I could join them!!! :) well done! can't wait to hear more with billy and little L!

Paul Pincus said...

love love love it : )