a thought

Sasha was the last person Josh expected to visit.

She brought cookies.

"I know its not much, but how are things?" Sasha mentioned she'd been sitting with Amy at the hospital. She apologized for not coming sooner.

"Aw, you've done more than enough. Still Amy's friend? None of her other old school friends have thought of her in the least. It was kind of you to find the time." Josh told her taking a peak at the chocolate chip cookies.

"Really, it was quite selfish actually," Sasha looked to be in tears. "I've had a lot to think about the last day or so."

"What is it?" Josh wanted to know showing her a seat in the livingroom.


"It is, if you can barely hold it all in, like you are," Josh winced. "You're still with Kelsy's brother, aren't you?"

Sasha nodded.

"At the moment, but not for long,"

"Has he done something? I don't know how he makes ends meet at that record shop, anyhow. I have wondered if he's on the up and up from time to time." Josh said as he went to put on the kettle.

"He's not like that. He wouldn't. He loves the place. He's doing all right. Helping with some PR for his sister's band. You know, he's got ideas." She nodded. "I'm afraid its not him."

"Then what gives?" Josh got the cups out. It wouldn't take long for a spot of tea.

"Its me." She broke down then. "I've done a terrible thing, Josh."

"It could never be that bad," Josh smiled. "You're not like that."

"I thought this was it, you know," her voice cracked. "Come back to Hollyoaks. I wouldn't have to mess with my folks. It would just be Cecil and me. He'd be all I ever needed. And..and then..this..."

"This? Is this about Ste? What has he done to you? Are you...helping him! You know it had to be him who did this to Amy. I just know it. He's the only person I know capable of such cruelty." Josh frowned in disgust as he went to start the brew.

"No," Sasha shook her head. "I haven't seen him. I don't know anything about Ste," She bit her bottom lip as she raked her sleeve across her tears. "Its your brother."


She nodded trying to let herself breathe.

"It was a mistake. I don't know what I was thinking." Sasha shook her head. "And nothing has been the same since. I know I mean nothing to him. And, and it was wrong."

Josh gave her the tea then.

"You're the last person I'd ever think he'd- you know-" Josh didn't know what to say. "He should have known better. Maybe its his way of getting back at Kelsy. She hasn't really dumped him, but she might as well. She's been spending all her time with Fletch, lately." Josh shrugged then. "I'm not saying I should make excuses for him. I'll speak to him."

"No, don't." Sasha rubbed her tears away with her fingers before he had a chance to hand her a tissue. "I've been thinking, maybe I need to go back to the city on my own."

"You could see your brother, perhaps?"

"No, that's really out of the question," Sasha sniffed with a sigh. "I think its best I just end things with Cecil now. Its just hard. Harder than I imagined because he's so good to me. He really is and I just don't deserve that."

"You don't deserve to be put through this crap with my brother, either," Josh promised. "Maybe you don't have to go. You could stay with us, perhaps. Sarah's really been a no show with the babysitting. We could give you a bit to live on if you helped us out with Leia."

"I dunno," Sasha said. "Its a lovely idea, but I wouldn't want to impose. You know, I'm not even sure if Leia would even like me."

"She hasn't met a stranger she didn't like yet," Josh smiled.

"Where is she now?" Sasha cleared her throat.

"She's with her father," Josh nodded. "Maybe you could come with me in a bit to pick her up. See how it goes. Maybe you can decide then."

Sasha just nodded and sipped her tea.


MR style said...

oh god poor her !!

Cait said...

Sasha..with Simon and Josh. Does that sound good?

Justkyut said...

Hi! Thanks for droppin' by at my page.. your page looks interesting. I'll link you and read on. I feel a bit better now just lacking sleep at this time.. voir-vous :-)

jules said...

i think i'm confused since I have missed a lot of episodes here. i've been out for a month huhuhu! i need to know more about sasha :(

yuri said...

Goodness you write so well...if im a rich publisher i will buy your blog novel...

UmassSlytherin said...

I don't know about sasha! oooo can't wait to find out what happens, and what does simon have to say????

(can't get enough of simon, you know he's my favorite, next to Billy!)

Great updates, glad I caught up! :)

autumn said...

ok. another trouble. lol.