a visit

Simon had a done a fresh cleaning on the Barnes flat. Leia was at least cooperating. She was now going back to the potty. Really, though, she acquired a lot attention. There were just so many Dora videos one could watch in a day. And Simon wouldn't have that, anyway. He did his best to inspire an education. He was even getting her to pick up things in her room too. She helped with the dishes (not really, but she thought she did) and even the laundry.

Simon wasn't sure if he'd ever get around to doing anything on his laptop that Jeremy had asked of him from the library, but he was sure that would happen in good time when he wasn't watching Leia.

Sarah rang up.

She did a bit on an inspection as if this wasn't quite right with her posh stare, but she didn't make a fuss. "I suppose I should be thankful for the two of you. I am not sure I'm even up to seeing Amy. I never thought such a thing would happen to her."

"One never knows what tomorrow will bring," Simon reminded her.

"So true." Sarah kept hugging herself.

"Is anything else the matter?" Simon was not going to bring up Jeremy's little library affair with Spike.

"No, well, yes, so you've met Leia's real father?" It felt like an interrogation now to Simon.

"Yes, I know him. He sees Leia. Actually, Billy is staying at our flat over the Black Cat. He's been helping with her." Simon nodded.

"Really?" Sarah croaked. "I just don't see it. Not once has ever came forward before."

"Maybe things have changed." Simon bit his bottom lip. "You two should meet, discuss Leia's future."

"Maybe I will." She said in all of her posh refinement as if she had better things to do. Simon knew he had a lot better things to do than stand here being judged by Amy's sister.


autumn said...

One never knows what tomorrow will bring - i agree.

wow. they'll be talking about Leia's future. i like that.

gossip guy said...

I don't like Sarah at all.

Anonymous said...

i do like what you write .. *

Dapper Kid said...

I don't like Sarah either!