who to turn to

"Well, we've had a falling out of sorts," Newt didn't know where else to go, but to see Simon about this. He found him at the library in the breakroom.

"And I'm supposed to do.... what?" Simon put the kettle on as if he was going to anyway, with or without Newt for tea.

"I didn't know if it would matter to you since I won't be around when he's with Leia." Newt sucked in a breath before he felt like crying. He just couldn't. Not in front of Simon.

"It's that serious, is it?" Simon remained even lipped pushing his fingers through his mop of hair. "Do you care to chat about it?"

"I dunno." Newt cringed.

"Look, how long has this really been going on?" Simon kept staring at Newt as if he needed to be honest.

Newt nursed his bottom lip.

"Its OK, its no big deal if you like him." Simon shrugged getting some biscuits from the cupboard.

"I don't just like him," Newt finally spit out.

"How serious are we talking here?" Simon slightly winced.

"We were together." Newt hugged himself then.

"Thought so." Simon let out a slight chuckle as the kettle sang and he put on a brew. "What silly thing happened, aye?"

"Its not silly."

"Oh, it isn't?" Simon rolled his eyes and went back to the kitchen to get the cups ready so it could be a proper tea time. "Then tell me what's going on?" Simon demanded.

"Amy is pregnant." Newt sighed. "And its a slight chance it could be mine."

"A slight chance?" Simon smirked.

"I wore a wrapper, " Newt scowled. "Only it broke."

"Sounds like some very power sperm there," Simon couldn't stop laughing.

"Stop it."

"I'm sorry." Simon just smiled. "Just look at the bright side. We can only hope this isn't Ste's baby. I'm sure if Billy sees it that way, he'll forgive you."

"He's not. He won't." Newt shook his head.

Simon gave him his tea then.

"If you don't stop being so pessimistic nothing good is ever going to happen to you." Simon informed him. "We must think positive."

Newt just gave Simon a scowl as Simon took a sip of his tea.

"Positive thoughts." Simon pointed his finger at him.


blue hearts said...

I feel bad for Newt, but there's Simon all positive, but then he doesn't know about Sasha.

Sydney Speel said...

positive simon when poor newt is always getting screwed over.

poor newt!

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy, I just did a marathon reading on your blog to catch up. I read from the very start. Great Job! Applause for you. Just keep on writing. I wish I can write like you. Your story is somewhat related to L Word. Have you seen that series?

Good advice Simon. I can use some positive thinking, LOL!

autumn said...

i like Simon said to Newt. maybe Newt could use it. yeah, think positive. Billy might forgive him. who knows. =]