all righty, mate

Kelsy and the boys hadn't shown up for the dance.

"They are so must see killer!" Some kid yelled, who'd found out where they were by a text.

"When did that happen?" Lauren scowled to Newt.

He didn't know. It was news to him. He was really out of sync with this kind of shit.

"Well, we should find out where they're playing." Laleh's next statement.

"Its getting late," Billy was tired. He'd danced with Laleh way to long just to make the impression that she had boyfriend. Not a girlfriend.

"Come on," Laleh grabbed both Newt and Billy. Lauren had Newt's hand. They made a run for the car. They followed everyone else out of the parking lot. They were going to the old factory. That's where they were.

Billy and Newt got in the back seat.

"Finally, where I've wanted to be all along." Billy grinned looking at Newt, but he looked half asleep. He'd been drinking more of the punch than anyone. Newt said nothing and they were both sucked into the backseat like a vacum when Laleh took off. Luckily, Newt managed to French Billy, anyway.

They kept kissing at every turn Laleh made in her little sports car. Billy was very much enjoying the ride, but he suspected he would have enjoyed it more if they were back at the flat.

"Couldn't you just drop us off at the Black Cat," Billy finally took a breath.

"NO!" Both the girls said. "We're already here, anyway. Aren't you coming?" Laleh asked.

"Do we have too." Billy didn't want too.

"Come on, don't be a party pooper."

"But I'm clearly enjoying myself right here." Billy sighed. Newt pulled Billy back and they kissed more.

"You have to come. You have too." Laleh sighed as they were getting out of the car.

"All right," Billy pushed the bucket seat up then and pulled Newt along with him. He didn't really care who saw them now.


autumn said...

i'm feeling tired, too, for what Laleh wants to do. lol. can she just have Billy and Newt enjoy their moment alone. haha.

justkyut said...

Aha! Billy missed Newt...

Hey Ivy!

ellie's eric said...

Sounds like its gonna be an all nighter.