a brand new day

"Come on, come on..come on..." Lauren was hurrying Newt out of Amy's hospital room. "You know she isn't going anywhere. Its Saturday night and you have a dance to go to."

"I do not have any such thing!" Newt snarled at her, fighting to get away from her grip, but she kept pulling him along.

"Don't be such prat. You know, it'll be good for you. People will start thinking you're a vampire if you don't go."

"I really don't feel like a dance, you know. I hate dancing! You know that!" He fumed, trying his best not to give in.

"I know. But I told Laleh I'd come and get you and you know how she gets if you don't do what you're asked." She got him in to the street then and into Laleh's sports car.

"She actually trusts you with this thing!" Newt was wide eyed now. She was serious.

"Of course, she does." Lauren roared up the motor then and Newt buckled up. They lunged into the traffic, and it was hardly a heartbeat or two away and they were at Laleh.

"See, that didn't hurt at all, did it?" Lauren grinned.

Newt felt his head spinning, perhaps even nausea.

"Hurry!" She pressed him on up the steps to Laleh.

"What could you two possibly want with me?" He cringed to wonder just what they had in mind, but then he saw Billy standing in the living-room in a tuxedo.


autumn said...

oh, this is exciting. i'm excited to know what will happen to them. to newt and billy, along with laleh and lauren. woot. lol.

Cait said...

This should be good. I hope.

Diana Coronado said...

Chaos, chaos, is what people wants !! hehe

Samu said...


but is it everything ok with you?
I hope so...

I guess know i'll have sometime. just a little... :)

UmassSlytherin said...

omg billy in a tux!!!!!!!!! how hot! heheheh! can't wait for more!

justkyut said...

Group date?

Sydney Speel said...

can't wait for the next!