a face in the crowd

It was an impressive crowd. Newt had to admit that. Everyone was chanting, "Kelsy! Kelsy!"

He knew she was loving it. But the make shift stage was dark. Not one person had came out yet.

"Shit." Billy scowled. "I hate crowds. "

"Its getting exciting," Newt mocked. He could tell Lauren was a bit put off, but Laleh kept her arm around Lauren as if she'd catch her at the slightest fall.

"You know, that could be Lauren up there," Newt tried to tell Billy over the volume.

"Well, I don't see anyone up there yet," Billy sighed.

"She gave up the band for Laleh."

"What am I supposed to do about it?" Billy gave Newt a stare. He just smiled back at him and they kissed while the crowd roared.

Finally the light beamed down on Kelsy then the boys. Ian played the synthesized drums as well at the electric guitar. He laid down the beat. Then things got kicking once Fletch got into the bass. It was all coming together and Kelsy hit a high note with her scream. Everyone was enjoying it. Almost.

There was a negative look on Lauren. She pushed her way out of the crowd then that were practically body surfing.

"Come on!" Laleh looked back at the Newt and Billy, "We have to go find her!"

Billy let out a sigh, grabbed Newt's hand and they waded through the crowd toward Laleh.

"What do you expect us to do?" Billy yelled.

"Just talk to her, will you?" Laleh pleaded.


"No, Newt should do it." Laleh then said.

"Fuck's sake, are you kidding me!" Billy thought they should let her go, but Newt broke away and went after her.


UmassSlytherin said...

I love Billy, even though he is always scowling and bitching! :) Billy and Newt are so the polar opposite of Josh and Simon: both fun couples to watch!

love these updates, so glad I caught up! :)

blue hearts said...

Billy is something else.

autumn said...

and what's wrong with Lauren? is she envious/jealous? lol.