for a ride

Sasha wasn't near as cozy as Rhys would have wanted.

"Good, I'm glad you're here," Sasha was all matter of fact. "I was on my way to the clinic. Nice of you to join me."

"Clinic? What ever for?" He still had his arm around her as the bus pushed on to the next stop.

"Perhaps if I have nothing to worry about, I won't be needing anything from you," She gave him a soft frown, yet she was really consumed with bitterness over their foolishness.

"What should I be expecting? I'm not the father of anything, now am I?" Rhys gave her a snarl now.

"No." Sasha closed her eyes with a sigh, "If, and it will be that way. I have nothing to worry about. Any diseases that is, from you, I shall put you behind me completely. And don't get it in that wanker of a head of yours that it might have anything to do with sex, because its not. But, but if there is something we have to deal with together, then I guess I'm stuck you. For good."

"For good?" He looked at her as if she was asking a life sentence from him.

"I suspect you should go running now." Sasha hugged herself then and looked away with a scowl.
"No." He was still a bit innocent about this clinic visit. "I would have never given you anything."

"But perhaps Kelsy did."


"Wanker." Sasha just said.

"But I'm not."

"Oh, but you are."


ellie's eric said...

Does Sasha know what she's getting in to?

blue hearts said...


I like the way she talks to him.

taffy. said...

for some reason i thought that this was a really cute conversation...

justkyut said...

kids... LOL!

autumn said...

she's being emotional yet trying to be casual. lol.