in or out

Billy wasn't all so sure what Laleh was trying to get at by stopping in the Black Cat while he was working.

"Why are you here?" He'd only met her once. OK, twice, she'd stopped by to tell him about her brother. But he only thought that was for Newt's benefit, not his.

"I thought maybe you'd want to go to the Autumn dance with me," She was more than provocative in her little mini number with the knee high black socks. Really, it did nothing for him.

"Sorry, I'm not in school. Don't think they'd want to see the likes of me, you know." He shrugged it off.

"Don't you like a dare. A surprise, perhaps." She tossed her hair back. "Really, I would make it worth your while."

"Is this because you don't want anyone to know about you and Lauren?"

"Could be," Laleh let it go at that. "I just think you need a good time." She took a crisp from the bowl on the bar then. Slid it on her tongue.

"I can find my own."

"Lets not make things worse for you than they already are." Laleh looked at him a tad frustrated but not completely.

"What? Are you intending to make my life even more miserable?" He looked at her rather puzzled as he wiped down a table.

"I could if I wanted," She smirked. "But I've changed."

"So I've heard." He looked at her then.

"Really, if it could be anyone who's fucked up Newt properly it would be me, and actually we never got around to it. I liked playing games with him. He was such a good sport. Unlike you, I suppose." She shrugged with a bit of a scowl as she watched him work.

"I don't want to play games with you, Laleh." Billy shook his head, no.

"Of course not, I'm ruthless, but never call me Ruth." She smiled.

"You are a silly lass, you know that, don't you?" He leaned across the table toward Laleh.

"Better than being an old fat cow, now isn't it?" She sighed. "Really, anyone would be pleased to be my escort to this affair. I didn't have to ask you, you know."

"This isn't formal, now is it?"

"I will pick something out for you." She gave him a slight huff. "Be at my house, in time for tea on Saturday. We'll go from there." Laleh told him as she strutted away. Really, she did know how to work an exit.


Diana Coronado said...

And then... hehe

Cait said...

Laleh just has this way about her..no stopp'n her.

Justkyut said...

Billy before you go with Laleh better tell Newt first even though you are both not in good terms at this time...

Hey Ivy! I'm having a busy weekdays so it's not that good. I hope you are having a good weekdays.. thanks for droppin' by.. so how are you?

autumn said...

haha. love this conve. especially the line of Laleh, "I'm ruthless, but never call me Ruth." lol.