a new coat

Josh got himself a new black leather coat.

"What's the occasion?" Simon wondered. He wasn't so sure he wanted him in that cool black leather coat.

"You know, me mum forgot my birthday. again."

"And she made up for it. Did she?" Simon sighed touching the lapel. "It so isn't you."

"What do you mean?"

"Really, you aren't that sort of dapper, are you?" Simon shrugged, plopping himself down on the couch with the paper. He pushed his fingers though his long stringy hair.

"You aren't going vegan on me, are you?" Josh slightly scowled with his arms on the back of the couch staring at Simon with the paper.

"Could be," Simon turned the pages of the paper as if it were time for Josh to go.

"Remember we have brunch with my mother and father." Josh fidgeted.

"We do?" Simon looked up at him. "Why on earth for?"

"We've been rescheduling for months and Hannah and Freddie will be there, too."

"God, must we? You never mentioned that before." Simon put down the paper then. He was just in track pants without a shirt.

"Luv, the sooner its over the faster we can come back here." Josh smiled.

"And Sasha is all right with this? Us going and whatnot?"

"Yes. You know that already."

"I don't want to go."

"But you will, you know you don't want me to be alone with Freddie," Josh shrugged with an impish grin.

"We've avoided it for so long, why now?" Simon went to their room to change. "I haven't a leather coat, you know."

Josh waited in the livingroom.

Simon came back with his faded jeans and boots along with his red plaid hoodie. He zipped it up over his plain white T shirt.

"What?" Simon squinted.

"Nothing." Josh smiled. As they walked out, Josh leaned in and whispered into Simon's ear, "I can't wait to get you home to fuck you."


autumn said...

lol @ last line. such a tease. hahaha.

justkyut said...

LOL! fill up your stomach first Josh

Hey Ivy!