nothing but brunch

Oh, the dreaded Freddie. Josh was none to thrilled to see him with his sister. She looked out of sorts, but that was Hannah. He did wonder if she were happy. Was she ever happy? It was so hard to tell.

And now they had to make conversation at his parents.

Simon and his mum were chattering about what was up with the library after the fire.

"Will it ever be restored?" She asked.

"Its getting there, we have boxes of books just waiting to get into the system. Friends of the library have taken it to the next level. No more bake sales and books to buy for a quid. We've got some real fun raising going. Jeremy has decided to grow his beard again. This time the hairier he is, the more money he gets. I'm not sure of the particulars. If its the length or just how many weeks he can go without shaving." Simon went on a bit more about the library. Before long Josh was wanting to pull him away. Brunch was about to be served. People wanted to eat.

But then it didn't help that Freddie had to go on and on about their youth. "Aren't you a little young to be carrying for such a little lass," he'd said when they got Leia situated with some fruit and waffles.

"Why, yes, we do have youth on our side," Simon taunted back as if he were proud of the fact. "And we know what we're doing. Do you really know what to expect once that little one arrives?" Simon gritted a smile. All he got was a snarl from Hannah and quietness from Freddie.

At least, Freddie couldn't have any sort of real conversation with Josh. After all, Josh hadn't wanted anything to do with him after he'd hit him. It just worried him now how he might react to fatherhood and was Hannah really safe with him.

It felt like the brunch that would last forever. He so wanted to eat and go.

"You will be back for the holidays, won't you?" His mum was worried about how it might go this year. As it was, Rhys hadn't shown up for this occasion. He was still on Rhys' time.

"I guess." That was the best he could do for the moment. After they cleaned up Leia, it was time to go.

Simon barely said good-bye to Hannah and Freddie. He took out Leia while Josh said his goodbyes. It wasn't easy shaking Freddie's hand now. It felt so cold and unwanted now and he was glad of it.


autumn said...

an awkward situation. but glad Leia is still in good hands with Josh and Simon. i like it when Simon gritted a smile. lol.

justkyut said...

Keepin' it cool guys

Hey Ivy! Got lot's of reading to catch up. LOL!

Anonymous said...

pretty intense