on arrival

Simon opened the front door and found Newt with Billy.

"What's he doing here?" Simon asked.

"He decided to spend the day with me," Billy smirked coming in to find Sasha with Leia in the livingroom.

Leia immediately dropped everything and gave Billy a hug and a kiss. He picked her up. Finally, he managed to pass a folded piece of paper to Sasha.

"What's this?" She looked at it with the little black heart.

"Why don't you open it and find out," Billy said with Leia's arm around his neck. She was eyeing his hair and tickling his ear.

Newt grabbed the nappy bag that no longer carried the nappies just Leia's essentials which included an old cell phone that supposedly didn't work. Her babydoll, some snacks and of course, her favorite stuffed teddy bear.

Sasha just kept the note in her hand. She was quiet.

"So where are you off too?" Simon looked at both of them as if they'd better come clean.

"Dunno," Billy the shrugged. "The park, I suppose." Then he remembered. "I hear Ste's with Kieron these days."

"Kieron? Odd, isn't it." Simon winced.

"Not really," Newt said.

"Wish they'd find the evidence on him that could put him away about this Amy thing," Simon then sighed.

"Yes, but he is a criminal mind. I suppose he's one step ahead of'm, ain't he?" Newt shrugged.

"Pathetic, unfortunately," Simon nodded. "So how did the dance go?"

"Very well," Billy smiled. "Kelsy really brought down the house, had us practically in the sticks by the river out at the old factory. Guess, the band has finally taken off."

"Good lord, as if we needed the likes of a scream queen in the village. People actually listen to that garbage?" Simon scowled.

"You and Josh will just have to check her out sometime. We'll give you a call the next time we find out what mystery location they might be. Its electric. You two don't want to get old before you have to, now do you?" Newt teased.

"Mystery location?" Simon asked. "Stop saying I'm old, mate." He looked at Newt as if he were ready to stomp his foot if he went on much longer how settled he looked these day.

"Um, yeah, they have this vibe they put out. It must be working cause they had people from all over driving out of the way to find them," Billy said edging to the door.

"God, what next? Kelsy's doing I suppose." Simon shook his head.

"Yeah, and you can say, I can remember when she used to be the worst barmaid in the village down at the Black Cat." Billy laughed and with that they left.


autumn said...

Leia is just so cute. for hugging Billy. love it when Leia is mentioned in the story. lol.

taffy. said...

aww, for some reason i just liked the black heart description.

thank you for the recap!

oh kelsy, that beast.

Deko said...

We are starting to get it. Very interesting.

L8R...Deko and Posh

Sydney Speel said...

a criminal mind!

i love leia! she just makes my heart swell!

Sydney Speel said...

a criminal mind!

i love leia! she just makes my heart swell!

ellie said...

So does Simon know that..I guess he does know that Newt is with Billy...yeah, Simon finds out everything. I love Simon.