on the brink

When Josh got home he found Sasha crying. Thankfully, Leia was off at Billy's.

"What happened?" Josh did his best to console her with a hug.

"According to Simon, Rhys has made me sick." Sasha blurted out between tears.


"Its probably true," Sasha sniffed. "Just my luck. Maybe I shouldn't even be here!"

"Well, we can't just let you walk the streets. We'd never do that. Never." Josh told her. He tugged at her statin black curls, pulling them away from her tear drenched face. "We'll, get it all checked out. I'll go with you."

"No, no you couldn't."

"I will." He snatched up his cell then. "First though, I'm having a word with my brother."

Sasha shook her head, no.

Josh rang him up. "Where is he?" Josh rolled his eyes. "He doesn't have a job. What could he be doing?"

Sasha kept shaking her head, no.

"Rhys! If you get this. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY!" That was the message he left.

"I really wish you wouldn't have."

"No, no, he's a irrespondsible cad. You deserve so much better than him, Sasha. Really." He gave her more tissues.

"Its all my fault. I should have known better. I did know. But..but then I wondered, what if I never had my chance to know. To know what it would be like. As if I would have missed something if I didn't go threw with it. I hate myself so much now. How could I have done such a thing?" She shook her head, no again.

"You'll be OK. You will." Josh promised.

Sasha bit at her thumb nail.

Josh couldn't wait to talk to Simon about this. What was he trying to do?


Diana Coronado said...

Josh !!
Learn to be more patiente

You are invited to my Tiffany party, so, come & take some cupcake.

kiss !!

ellie said...

You tell him Josh. Rhys is a cad.

Samu said...

hey, hi there lady... how are you doing?

i guess i'm not right, i mean, to much things to cra about... :)

but i'll do it... :)


UmassSlytherin said...

go josh! :) :) :)

I love josh so much, good for him! I wish he would console me! hehehe!

great chapter, lots of fire here! well done!

justkyut said...

o-oh... Simon what have you done? You scared Sasha huh.. I smell a fight...

Cait said...

This does not look good. who knows though...

autumn said...

hmm. hmm. do i smell trouble here? o_O