on the way home

Billy and Newt got Leia back to Josh and Simon about night. Still no Sasha.

"You don't think anything could have happened?" Billy asked.

"Maybe she's working it out with Cecil," Newt suggested as they said goodbye to Leia who was fretting for a bit until Simon held her and she laid her head on his shoulder as if she was ready for sleep.

"I should have went home earlier," Newt said as they walked into the dark heading toward the streetlights. "I get the sick feeling we're being a followed."

"So what if we are, we could take Ste out," Billy shrugged.

"Let's think about it," Newt shoved his hands in his jeans. "You really don't know his fist very well, now do you?"

"I'm not an easy target," Billy assured him.

"Yes, but we know I am. I do much better with my wit and perhaps a kitchen witch's cure." Newt then said.

"You are selling yourself short, you give a good punch."

"I don't think a game of it would do us any good now." Newt sighed.

"Then shut it, will you. You can't go on worrying about it." Billy winced walking on as if he'd make sure he got him back to the Dog alive.

"I'm staying with you, don't give a fuck what Frankie comes up with. I'm staying." Newt then nodded.

"Whatever." Billy wasn't counting on it.

It was quiet then as they walked another block into the park.

"You don't think he still wants you, now do you?" Billy said aloud.

"What? No. No. Of course not," Newt squinted. "Don't make me think about that, will you?"

"Sorry," they heard footsteps behind them then.

Billy noticed them quicken, "Come on, lets just go for a jog, aye." He sprinted on then and Newt followed.

"Wait up!" Newt gasped, but he kept running because someone was right behind him. Now right on him. Newt looked behind him. It was Ste.

Ste grabbed him and they rolled into the darkness down an embankment.


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Oh...poor newt.

justkyut said...

oh no trouble. Billy help Newt quickly! Simon senses it right

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Hey Ivy! have a great weekend

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thanks Ivy! I hope so

autumn said...

oh no. Newt! why did billy leave him behind. why oh why? lol. i'm just over-reacting. *bite nails*