only in the afternoon

Simon could feel the coldness of fall really seeping in now. He didn't want to suggest it, but this place really needed to be winterized. As it was at the moment they were under the covers and quite warm together. It was a beautiful afternoon to be in bed. Stormy weather rising. Leaves tapped against the window as they drifted about in the wind. Simon was right where he wanted to be with Josh.

His kiss was slow and so inviting. All he could think was one more go at it before Leia or Sasha came back. As it was he hadn't heard anyone downstairs yet.

"You think all is well, don't you?" Simon found himself sensing some thing was about to go wrong. He hated a thought like that to creep in when all he really wanted was to let the whole afternoon to last through with Josh in bed.

"Of course, its all right," Josh pulled Simon in. "What could go wrong?"

"Ste." Simon barely uttered.

"It might not even be him," Josh tried to convince him not to worry.

"All right, if you say so," Simon sighed slipping back into a lull with Josh only there was nothing sleepy about it. They Frenched. Simon promised himself he would not have another thought wondering what wicked ideas that Ste might have.


justkyut said...

sweet! i hope nothing would be ruined

autumn said...

oh that Ste. he's still somewhat mysterious to me.