taking it in

Newt was out a breath by the time he caught up with Lauren who'd taken off running back to the car.

"Christ! You should really be running the meter races. You'd win hands down." Newt was give out. True, he was pretty much out of shape. If Ste was out looking for him, he doubt he had a chance to out run him now. He heaved with his hands on his knees.

"Don't mock me," Lauren scowled with her arms crossed. "I know what you're thinking."

"I'm thinking you should let Kelsy just run her course. She'll be an old cow before you know. Its not the end of the world," Newt said still out of breath.

"I could so be better, I would. I was." She breathed back tears.

"And were you happy?"

"Not really." She choked on a tear then.

"See. There is so much more than having a scad of fans beating at your back door. Lord knows how long something like that last. A week?"

"They've been must see for weeks now." Lauren blubbered.

"So." He put his arm around her to console her. "And how long has it lasted between you and Laleh."

"I don't know. I haven't counted the days." She cried into his neck then.

"See. You don't have too. There is no need too. You just keep going. That's what its really about." He told her.

"I guess."

"Find your own band. Show Kelsy what you're made of. She hasn't taken anything away from you. And you know it. So let them have their fun. You have yours with Laleh," Newt said.

About that time, Billy and Laleh found them.


autumn said...

so, i'm right, after all. ain't i? lol. she chose Laleh. and for every choice, there's a consequence. *shrugs*

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! I got to catch up. Been sick.

Newt wazzup?

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justkyut said...

I'm a bit fine. My gum swelling a bit subsided but I am continuing my antibiotics. I'll have tooth extract next week. Ouch! LOL! Yes that's cheese powder

ellie's eric said...

I tagged you with the 4 by 4.