terribly crazy

Sasha felt they were getting a prerequisite on how to start a sexual relationship down at the clinic. So many questions. What had they and had not done? It just made Sasha nausea. But she knew it was a sure fire way to end this with Rhys. It had too. This was just too much for him, especially, to read it all in black and white.

Luckily, the yeast affection was in a rather early stage. They both got the antibiotic.

"There has to be something said for monogamy," the nurse assured them both. Thankfully, Rhys hadn't asked what that was. What had Sasha gotten herself into? She was sure it wouldn't go this route. But honestly, she didn't want to go back to Cecil just to let him be susceptible to some infection.

"I guess its you then, or no one." Maybe the latter was the answer. Sasha almost bit her tongue.

"Well, don't make it sound like the dreaded pox then, Sash." Rhys was a bit peeved she could see over this whole education.

"I'm not." She had to stop herself from fretting. It was a mistake. Couldn't he see what he'd done?

"It will be better," Rhys said, but maybe he was just telling himself that to feel all right about the situation.

"Of course, as long as we don't see each other." She gritted a smile. "Look, you didn't call. You wouldn't take my calls. How can I believe you'd ever be by my side for anything?"

"But I will." He shrugged.

"Yeah, you'll pop in when you feel like it." Her eyes fought back the need to cry. She couldn't let herself do it front of him.

"I will do you right." He looked at her then.

"Everyone knows I deserve better." Yet, deep inside she wasn't even sure of that.

"All right, I know that." Rhys sat there in the office of the clinic. "I will find a job. And I will save enough for a ring. Then I will ask you- Will you marry me," He finally said.

"What?" Sasha looked around the empty room. Was he down on one knee now? Sasha bit her bottom lip. She knew for sure he must be crazy. It had to be crazy because she felt like saying yes.


taffy. said...

oh god.

rhys or cecil?

MR style said...

great story as usually ! keep the good job

gossip guy said...

who will she choose?

justkyut said...

hmmmm... cecil?

autumn said...

oh goodness. it's getting complicated. i bet she's confused, too. o_O