the things you keep

Sasha could see that Simon was hoping she'd go out when he and Josh came back from his Mum and Dad's.

She couldn't face herself to open the note here. It would be better to go somewhere alone, anyway. But there weren't many places to be alone in the village.

"I need a walk, maybe I'll sit with Amy for a bit, if you don't mind." She might find more comfort in Amy's company than she even knew. Of course, they usually had their tiffs from time to time. Sometimes, over boys, drugs, even Ste. Maybe they'd both changed for the better.

With that, she left the boys to their own devices. She did feel like a third wheel here. She so wanted to make up her mind for good. So she took off on foot to the bus stop. She'd wait til she was on the bus to read it. Really, Sasha never expected to hear anything from Cecil.

It felt like an eternity waiting though, but once she got on, she found a seat and opened the note.

Dear Sash,

You know I'm not really very eloquent, but if this finds you, please know I think of you, constantly. I wonder if you've had enough sleep. If you are just walking the street. Have you remembered to eat. Are you some place safe?

I wish nothing but the best for you. Evidently, I can't give it to you or you'd be with me right now. Where ever you are, remember I miss you. I want you back. No questions asked.



Sasha felt numb just reading it. It reminded her even more of what she'd done. How could she ever go back to him when she knew he shouldn't trust her. She couldn't even trust herself. Sasha hated this guilt within. She just couldn't let her frown go. It was turning fast into tears. Just then as the bus came to a stop. She looked up and there was Rhys, happy as could be. He slid right in next to Sasha and put his arm around her.

"So where might we be heading?" He asked.

Sasha sucked in a breath and looked out the window.


autumn said...

that's confusing. in Sasha's part. i hope she finds her happiness.

i like the note. it's sweet. ^^

gossip guy said...

rhys can always make it more complicated.

justkyut said...

o-oh where is rhys taking her?

Hey Ivy! thanks for droppin' by at my blog. by the way, that is a red car but it looked orange LOL!

taffy. said...