think about it

Thank God, Frankie hadn't called Newt. She thought he was out with Lauren. Instead, it was morning, and he was all smiles next to Billy.

It was good to be back with him. They'd had a grand time catching up. He just wished it had been longer. Of course, something made him want Billy even more. It seemed to have a life of its own.

Newt's fingers brushed through Billy's blonde hair as he leaned over him still slumbering.

"What?" Billy looked up at him out of the corner of his eyes.

"Why so jumpy?"

"Sorry." Billy turned toward him. "I dunno." He looked at Newt then. "I've heard that Ste is back."

"Its making you nervous, is it?" Newt smiled digging under the covers then to see just how nervous Ste was making Billy. "Evidently, not that nervous." Newt cracked up. Billy had his morning hard on too. "We shouldn't give a fuck whats going on with him. Just forget about him, will you."

"I want to, Newt, I do. But ever since what Laleh said, its just I don't want to see, either of us hurt."

"Neither do I," Newt kissed him then. Billy Frenched him back. They weren't going to talk about it. There were so many other things to be thinking about.

But it wasn't long til they heard a knock from the door.

"Who could that be?" Newt asked as Billy was doing his best to get some clothes on.

"I don't think its Sasha, I was going over there before lunch to pick up Leia. Maybe we had a mix up." Billy shrugged still barefooted just in a wife beater shirt and his track pants. "Just stay here." He told Newt.

He went to answer the door then. It wasn't Sasha, after all. It was Sasha's ex, Cecil.

"What are you doing here?" Billy wondered.

"I thought Sasha was with you now," Cecil kept his arms cross as his lanky body leaned against the door for a look around.

"No." Billy just about cracked up. "Where you'd get an idea like that?"

"She's been all chummy with your kid, now isn't she?"

"Yeah, but she's staying with Josh and Simon," Billy just winced. "Didn't she tell you."

"That's just it, she's told me nothing. Suppose, you fill me in," Cecil said.

"Whatever." Billy showed him a seat and got the kettle on.

"Well, I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but I think Rhys is involved in it, somehow. Just got the jest of it from Leia."

"That little lass?"

"She and I talk quite a bit. I just sort of added two and two or something like that, and well, I think she's scared to go back to you."

"Scared?" Cecil didn't sound happy about that. "I'd never hurt her."

"Well, maybe she's her own worst enemy, you know." Billy went to get the tea ready and got out what biscuits he might have to share.

"I really find it all pathetic," Cecil looked quite sad about the matter. "I thought things were fine between us. I thought it was true. I want to marry her."

"I bet you can win her back, that is if you can forgive her." billy told him pouring tea.

"Forgive her?"

"You gotta to get to the Black Cat more often, mate," Billy grinned giving Cecil a cup of tea. "I guess you'd be no help finding Ste as of late in the village, now would, you?"

"Ste?" Cecil thought for a moment, "Oh, this is a good one. I heard Spike mention him other day. Says Ste's tight with Father Kieron these days, and he doubts he'll be an alter boy anytime soon, unless is some gay caroling review."

"Really?" Billy liked this news. "I thought Kieron quit the church?"

"He did, might not working on sermons anymore, but they have him at the school. He's a teacher."

"Interesting. And Ste is with him?"

"Spike says so." Cecil nodded as he sipped at his tea.

"Well, thanks for the info," Billy said. "Hope things work out with you and Sasha. I'm going over a bit before lunch to pick up Leia. I could drop off a love note if you'd like. I'd make sure it made it to Sasha's hands and no one elses."

"I hadn't any pen or paper?" Cecil shrugged.

"I can take care of that." Billy went to get Cecil a pad and pen.


ellie said...

aw, I feel bad for Cecil. Billy is doing a good thing. That was sweet.

ellie said...

aw, I feel bad for Cecil. Billy is doing a good thing. That was sweet.

gossip guy said...

I wonder what Newt was doing during all of this...hahahaaaaa...

justkyut said...

Newt is under the bed LOL!

Good Billy! Cecil better follow Sasha

Hey Ivy!

justkyut said...

Newt is under the bed LOL!

Good Billy! Cecil better follow Sasha

Hey Ivy!

taffy. said...

oh god... ste makes me so nervous.
and billy and newt are still lovely.
wait, what ended up happening with the library?

Posh said...

Hey there,

Ok, so I am a little lost, but I will get caught up. Loving it!


autumn said...

uninvited visitor. that sucks. lol @ love note. =]]