a tiff

Simon knew it. Josh would take Sasha's side.

"You just can't stand to hear the truth, now can you?" Simon bit back before Josh could even get out how mad he was about Simon's conversation with her.

"Well, to state things the way you do," Josh shot back. "Its just horrid, man."

"You sugar coat everything." Simon shrugged, thinking he could so be at home right now with a good book instead having it out in the park with Josh over his silly school mate. "We have no business taking her in. She needs to deal with it. Now. Before its too late. Your brother is quite an arse, and you go blaming me!"

"Can't you be kind?"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Simon squinted. Seriously, he didn't even want to go home with Josh if he kept this up.

"You're just so snappy, lately." Josh shrugged turning from him.

"Me? What about you? Mr. I can take care of everything. By damn, you are. Guess who's got Leia most of the day?"

"What do you mean? I have classes. I have work." Josh sighed. "Is this what this is really about? You taking the semester off."

"I wouldn't be if all this hadn't fallen in my lap with you!"

"Its not my fault." Josh stared at Simon.

He knew he was right.

"All right." Simon heaved just a bit under his breath. "I will try better with Sasha. I just think its better she knows what she's gotten into with Rhys. Its just you can't go and try to fix everything when it comes to your brother. You have to let it go. You're not his keeper Josh. And least of all you shouldn't have to keep his one nighter, either."

Simon supposed there might not be any makeup sex tonight, but then again he knew how much Josh liked it.


autumn said...

i thought this is really serious until i read the last line. hahahaha.

justkyut said...

Simon just be kind and go home with Josh will yah...

Hey Ivy! Have a great weekend

justkyut said...

no problem. I have followed it since the day I read it from the start, LOL!

UmassSlytherin said...

oh please let there be make up sex!!!!!!!!!!

(I love simon!!!) xoxox


...Thank you f your kind words...Hope to get better soon.
This story sounds quite 'steamy'...
not too late to join the episodes I hope... Continue to pour your creativity & hope to hear fm you again dear...