all righty then

"It's OK," Newt told Billy after Frankie had her say. "Don't you know I live with a mad woman?" He grinned.

"Can't you think of a way you could get away from her soon enough, have you thought about talking to your brother, perhaps. He could probably get some sort of custody of you, couldn't he?" Billy was frustrated as he put on the kettle for tea and dug through the kitchen for something that might make a decent breakfast. Just a biscuit or two.

"Why would I do that?"

"So you wouldn't have to deal with a witch like that," Billy winced.

"I dunno." Newt thought it would mean paper work and more legal stuff. "Why does anyone have to be my guardian, I've been on my own forever."

"So you say." Billy got out the tea bags then.

"Don't look at me that way? My brother's never done a thing for me, why would he now?" Like this was all Newt needed. Amy was a wake, a part of him wanted to get to the hospital to see her while a part of him thought it best not. Instead, he just found himself rushing in and wanting Billy now. Now before it was too late. What if Frankie sent him packing and he was off with a new family, god knows where.

He didn't want to let Billy go. Not now. Not when it was settled, perhaps even concrete. He ate at Billy's lips, but Billy pushed him off.

"What are you doing?" Billy didn't have time for this. There was breakfast to make. Leia would be over soon. "I can't."

Newt stepped away. He was late for school already. It just didn't seem fair.

"Well, where are you going?" Billy looked at him as if he needed to be still, but he wouldn't.

"Where do you think?" If he didn't get to school now, he was sure the coppers would be out to track him down. He knew Frankie's threats. She always seemed to have control of tomorrow.


dapper kid said...

Hmm wonder whether Newt would actually be able to live well on his own. As mean as Frankie is, she still cares enough to make sure he gets a good education.

taffy. said...

good luck.

ellie's kyle said...

aw..Newt..so confused.

cait said...

Hopefully, Newt wont' rush into anything..but he can be a bit rash sometimes.

autumn said...

yeah, Newt's so confused. want to give him a hug right now. lol.