all that really matters

"Come on," Billy had to pull Newt back as the nurses and the doctors came to look Amy over. To see if it was a recovery of some sort or just a jolt of misconception.

They waited in the hall together. Billy had his arm around Newt. With all the the spasm of people, it was still going on in the corridor. Billy leaned against the wall.

"Christ, you scared me shitless," he informed Newt, hugging him closer. "How could you take off like that in traffic?"

"I had no choice," Newt just winced. "I didn't mean for anything to happen to Ste. Not really."

"I know you didn't, I should of-" Billy shook his head, trying to think back about the run in the park. "I should have never left you behind. I really-"

"I'm fine." Newt was solemn.

"I don't believe you." Billy shook his head. His face came closer to Newt's. His fingers touch Newt's dark hair as he combed his hair out of his face. Then he brought his fingers around the sides Newt's face and started kissing him as if it was the only thing he knew to do to show him how much he really meant to him. It was all that mattered, and he didn't care who in the hell might notice.


ellie's kyle said...

aw sweet..hopefully, this will all make them stronger together.

autumn said...

Newt. isn't this going to be complicated for him. o_O

taffy. said...


go billy :)