as it should be

Josh was excited when he got the news about Amy.

"She's coming around," Josh said with a sigh of relief. But Simon was skeptical.

"These things take time, mate. Its not like she's good as new or anything, you know," Simon told him. "Besides, what happens next? Do we move back to our place now. Who'll take care of her?"

"Well, we will of course." Josh was matter of fact.

"Really?" Simon squinted. He wasn't in any hurry to get to the hospital. "Do you realise what a houseful we'll have here if she moves back in. Can this house hold so many?"

"Well, it might be a wee bit cramped, but that's a real home, isn't it?" Josh wished Simon wouldn't worry so much, but he could see he was mad. This peeved him of the aspects of what to come with Amy and with Rhys and Sasha. "It won't be so bad. Amy will be with Leia. We'll have our room and Sasha just has Rhys in Amy's sister's old room. It won't be so bad, honest."

"Whatever," Simon went to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

"Look, you don't have to go down there with me," Josh hoped Simon wouldn't stay upset about this. Didn't he see they had to be happy that Amy had pulled through this.

"I'm going. Its not like we have to be there yesterday, luv. Just have a brew and we'll be on our way because knowing you, you'll forget to eat." Simon told him.

"But I'm not hungry, now am I? We need to get ourselves down there and see to this. I want to know if she's talking."

"Did they even say that?"

"No." Josh, scratched the back of his head. There didn't seem to be way to get Simon to move any quicker as Josh changed his shirt then and grabbed a jacket. At least Sasha and Rhys had gone to bed. He doubted they really slept tonight. Knowing his brother.


taffy. said...

last paragraph was the best.

another ellie said...

looks like a full house now.

autumn said...

i somehow feel bad for Josh and Simon for they are the ones who always take care of such things. but somehow also, they've got a good heart.