before the fallout

Newt was ever so glad to take a shower and be in bed with Billy. Of course, really, both were too tired to do anymore than just sleep.

But it kept playing over and over in Newt's head, the sight of Ste, rolling down that hill with him, thinking it would all end right there, but it hadn't. Newt had kept running. Ste was always there, right behind him. It still amazed him that he'd out run him since Ste was bigger and leaner. And then to see Ste down like that. It was if he were a rag doll. Not a scratch on him, really. Perhaps. He couldn't remember exactly. It was all a bit fuzzy to him. How it all happened. But he was with Billy now and nothing else mattered.

Suddenly, he heard someone beating the door down. Newt awoke from his nap so did Billy. They just looked at each other. No way did they need anymore bad karma. Not now. Who ever it was, could just go away, couldn't they?

"Who do you think it could be?"

"Dunno, don't care." Newt pulled a face. "Just let them push the door down for all I care."

Billy let out a sigh.

Next thing Newt heard was some one calling his name. "Newt! Are you in there! Come out here, right this minute!"

"Frankie," Newt whispered. He'd forgot to call her. He'd seen the missed calls, but he hadn't thought to let his foster mother know where he was nor what was going on.

"Well, its now are never, you know." Billy looked at him.


"Its as good time as any to tell her whats going on with us, don't you think?" Billy got up to get dressed then.

"Have you lost the plot, completely!" Newt so wanted to scream but he kept his voice low. He wrestled to find some clothes too. "Can't it wait?"

"No, I'm tired of the hiding. I'm tired of no one knowing who I really am." Billy winced putting a black T over his fit chest.

"Well, you are Leia's father." Newt stared at him.

"There's more to me than that." He pushed into his jeans then.


Billy was going to let Frankie in, and Newt couldn't stop what just might fall out his mouth.


taffy. said...

good. it hurts billy.

cats n curses said...

this will be something. I don't know if the timing is good though.

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! I have been missing a lot on your post and the other ones too. I'm busy for the past weeks. Sorry, I need to catch up.

autumn said...

aw. can't they get enough sleep yet? o_O

Sydney Speel said...

yikes... sorry i've been gone so long!

oh billy...