a flutter of hope

Newt didn't know what he was doing. But he felt certain he had to be there for Ste, just the same. He couldn't help it.

It was the middle of the night, perhaps early morning and he might as well be in the way there at the emergency as the curtains were drawn shutting him out. Leaving him in the cold. It frightened him, even. And yet he stood there waiting as if he'd know. He'd now if Ste was here or there. Maybe.

"What can you tell us about this?" An officer was certainly going to ask questions.

"Just came out of nowhere." Newt shook his head.

"What came out of nowhere?"

Newt would have to think. He couldn't mention the park now. That was so over so long ago even if it had only a few minutes a go. An hour perhaps.

"The bus." Newt said simply.

"That is all?"


He could see he wasn't much use to the copper. "I just need to know-" New wasn't exactly speaking to him, anyone who might know, "Will he be all right?"

No one told him, but he got the jest that there was some internal bleeding. A broken rib or two, a puncture to the lung, but nothing major. Only the head trauma. Newt gaspeded, ready to throw up, walking the halls then. He had no where to go, but to Amy's room.

There was all but a dim light surrounding her. He peaked around the corner and saw her resting. So innocently. He kept staring, hoping it would be different this time. But did anything ever really change? He supposed not.

Newt felt himself melt into tears as he came closer, taking her hand. Just then he thought he felt her weak fingers around his. He looked to see if it was true. He looked at her face then. Her eyes fluttered.

Newt felt himself slightly shake. Could it be? Was she back? He pushed a button then for a nurse. He waited. Something was happening, wasn't it? Something was finally happening. And Newt had witnessed both things occur. Yet it felt like two meteors passing through the night. He still felt so cold.


Cait said...

She's back..maybe.

taffy. said...

wait... what happened to amy?

justkyut said...

I know it's called there at Nebraska. Yes I do hope the same that Obama will uplift the global economy.

Hey Ivy, I'm a bit busy these days. I really need some catching up on your different post aside from this one. I'll try to catch up. thanks for dropping by at my blog. take care

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autumn said...

aw, Amy and Newt. i hope Amy's alright now. can't wait to see what's gonna happen next.

and Ste, i dunno about him. lol @ me.

and Billy, poor guy.