go'in down

Newt wasn't going where Ste wanted, he knew. Ste had taken him down and they'd rolled what seemed to be an eternity down the embankment. It was just like old times, wasn't it? Ste had pawed at him. Even with his lips. Newt would not have it. He gave him a swift kick to the groin and got up and kept going.

Really, there wasn't much Billy could do about this. He was glad Billy hadn't found him or it might be worse. Ste might get into it with him, and it might end fatal because there just didn't seem to be something quite right with Ste. There was something strange in his eyes, but when wasn't there?

But it was like getting a second wind when Newt took off again toward the main artery of traffic. It would be a bugger to get across but he had too. And something in the cool crisp air edged him on. If he got himself through the lanes of cars he'd be perhaps free of Ste, but who was he kidding. It was only going to trip him up a little, now wasn't it? The fumes of exhaust were over-whelming.

So he sprinted faster, did his best not to focus on his breathing, nor the thought of what was coming, but to just do it. He zig zagged across the throng of vehicles driving faster than he'd hoped. But he missed that one, then this one.

And the bus was coming. It was coming. And by the skin of his teeth he'd missed it, and he went on. Past a truck, someone's sports car. He looked back, Ste was coming.

Then he heard breaks squeal. Horns began to honk. There was no Ste. Newt looked around, thinking Ste was in front of him now instead of behind him, but he wasn't. Newt stopped. The noise was getting to him. He felt himself slightly shake. Something was terribly wrong, but he hadn't lost his feet or his legs. But slowly as he turned, he knew it was very wrong. There was Ste. He'd been hit by the bus.


taffy. said...

i can't tell if i should be excited or worried about this.

ste is an assface, but so many bad things happen to him.

Justkyut said...

Atleast Newt is not the one hit by the bus

Cait said...

Oh, Ste..what could happen next.

autumn said...

so that's it. it was really Ste. i have known him for a short period of time. huhu. lol. kidding. =]]

i wanna know what's gonna happen next.