happy now

It had finally sank in to Sasha that it was really true. She was getting married. She looked at her ring once more after it was all quiet and she'd at least satisfied Rhys at the moment. Although, she wasn't sure they should have had sex, but they did because..well, he was Rhys, and she couldn't keep that from him. Especially, when she'd said yes to his proposal, and he was so ecstatic about the outcome. It needed to be sealed with intercourse, no doubt.

Was it really the right thing to do? Well, the sex was so easy, but to decide on a future with him.

What if they were engaged for an eternity? What if it never happened? Sasha so hated having these doubts. A part of her ached that she'd let Cecil go like she had. She had really hurt him so emotionally. There was no way she could make up for that. Besides, maybe this was what she deserved. Rhys, who was quite the wanker of the village, now wasn't he?

Why couldn't she just let herself be happy?

Just then she heard her door slightly open, Leia was peeking in. Sasha was aware she was naked with a naked man in her bed.

"Just a minute, luv." She reached for Rhys shirt. It had the uncanny smell of his sweet smell. Although, she knew she already smelled of him. It amused her yet frightened her at the same time.

She went into the livingroom to find that Leia already had the remote tuned into her favorite show about mermaids.

"I hear your Mum is better," Sasha smiled hoping it was the right thing to say.

"Mummie?" Leia looked at her blankly. She looked so grownup sitting there with her blond hair down and about her face. Sasha knew she'd have lots of boys after her by the time she got to preschool. Those big button blue eyes of hers.

"Yes, you remember her, don't you?"

"But I have you for a Mum." Leia smiled as if she wasn't ready to give her up yet, and it hadn't mattered to her that the color of Sasha's skin wasn't anything like hers, "and lots of Dads too."

"Yes, all those Dads." Sash didn't know what else to say. She put her arm around Leia and watched TV with her.


cait said...

so many dads...love that.

taffy. said...

oh... lots of dads....

autumn said...

aw. she's really cute. ^^