home where the heart is

Newt dropped his stuff off in the livingroom at home. It was as if nothing had changed. Everything in its place on the mantel. Pictures of all of them from graduations and weddings.

Frankie was in the kitchen.

"Did you make me something good to eat?" Newt wondered if she detected just a bit of evil in his tone. He hoped. She never did. It was always about her. Always. How did her husband Jack ever put up with it?

"I thought you ran off."

"Really?" He smiled as if he didn't know she'd care. "And where would I go?"

"You are the hardest child ever to keep tabs on," Frankie crossed her arms.

"I know. And its hurting you, I can see that. But I have a reputation, you know." He smirked. Oh, he'd handle her. He would.


"You must'n worry so. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not. You're best mum ever, why would I want to abandoned that? Tell me?"

"But Amy? Please tell me its over with her? It is, isn't it?" She gave him a hug then.

"What if its not?" Newt had to be honest about that.

"I can't let her get to you. You're so young. You need an education. You need to be able to take care of yourself, don't you see?" She brushed her fingers though his dark hair and kissed his forehead. "I love you, and I can't let her have you, it'll do you no good. It'll only bring you down in the end."

"It'll be all right. You'll see." Newt felt like the sane one now. Although, he needed to see Amy before it was too late. He had to know if she even remembered.

Frankie got out her Italian casserole then. And they ate dinner together. If only he could be two places at once. No, make that three. He couldn't leave Billy out of this.


ellie said...

oh newt the things you do to keep out of trouble.

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! How are you? Sorry I was not able to read your post and the others these past weeks. I'm busy with work. I'll catch up when I have time. take care

taffy. said...

so many complications!