in-between drinks.

Why? Why had he come to the Black Cat with Kelsy? Simon was bored stiff, and all there was to do was drink.

It was true. He was with a bonafide rock star. All those boys, bugging her for something. A kiss, maybe an autograph. Someone said they'd tattoo her lipstick kiss to their butt if she'd just do it. And she did, writing her name with a sharpie underneath.

"I don't get paid enough," her voice slurred and she bit her bottom lip. Simon thought for a second she was going to undress right there in the bar, but she only shed her top. Lucky, for the black bra, Simon guessed.

"So where's Fletch?" Simon asked since he still could. He wasn't quite as far gone as she.

"Fletch? Who's he?"

"Weren't you sleeping with him?"

"I sleep alone!" She sang to the tops of her lungs.

"Of course," Simon wondered why he'd bothered. It was Kelsy. Kelsy. Kelsy. He could be at home right now with a good soup and newspaper. He was just not made to party, but he continued to nurse his ale. It was best not to stir anymore with her. As long as he didn't have to put her to bed or anything else, it would be cool. Hopefully.

But then he looked over and there was Craig sitting next to him.

"Where did you come from?" Simon winced.

"Ireland. Greece, Spain, occasionally." Craig shrugged.

"A traveling man, are you?" Simon grinned wishing he hadn't because he saw that smile on Craig's face and it was just odd. As if Simon asked too much. He knew of him, but not really. There were the stories, his on again, off again romance with John Paul, but really Craig had never given him the time of day until now.

"But I've never seen hair quite like this?" Craig sort of laughed and touched Simon's long hair. Of course, Simon pulled his fingers through his blond hair to get it back from Craig. Simon had the urge to put his hair in a ponytail then.

"So you in the village long?" Simon asked.


"What are you doing back?" Simon winced.

"It was down right miserable where I was. Needed a homecooked meal for a change. Of course, my mother really doesn't cook." Craig went on to say.

Simon just nodded, thinking he'd somehow set Craig on the right track. It was just a passing conversation if nothing else. Didn't mean a thing. Only Craig played with his hair more as he leaned in. And it was kind of sweet. Simon really wanted to keep his guard up. As if he hadn't drank at all, only he had which had a sluggish effect as he stared into Craig's dark eyes. Simon pressed his lips together as nothing could happen. Nothing would happen.

But then Craig smiled at him, "Well, come on then," He jerked Simon up from his chair. Simon was in a lull. Perhaps they were going to dance. He'd show Kelsy he knew a good time. Well, he was two left feet on the dance floor usually, but he was feeling pretty good about himself as it was. It was Craig Dean, after all. But they went right through the crowded dance floor straight to the loo.

Simon just looked at Craig as if he'd lost it, but they went straight into a stall and Craig's lips rushed in. It was so not Josh. It startled Simon at first just what to do. Simon kissed him back. He had no where else to go but the toilet he supposed. Craig's kisses were hard and Simon felt his heart beat race, figuring out that wasn't the only thing hard. He just wasn't sure he could keep up nor would even want too. Simon took a breath then. Finally Craig slowed down and somehow Craig wanted him more.


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