in the midst

"NEWT!" Billy shouted into the darkness. Just some mumbling of some kind and maybe choking. He wasn't sure. He took off running toward the sound and the bushes and the clods of grass. He almost stumbled himself leaping down into the darkness. Then suddenly from the dim light ahead he saw someone taking off running again toward the traffic aways way. It was Newt. Perhaps.

He shouted again for him. "What the fuck are they doing?" Newt was headed right for the cars. "Is he mad?" Well, of course he knew one of them definitely was dimented. He went on down the hill. He knew he'd lose them. Why was he even trying?

But the traffic grew louder and there was a bus pushing through. A big red bus on its way somewhere. He thought of kissing Newt that time on the bus when they left Hollyoaks together after the fire. Billy couldn't help but smile as he remembered. How could he have let this happened? He swore he'd be by his side and now he was gone. Just gone.

He heard the horn of the bus break the roar of the traffic. Something had happened. Something was wrong. Billy could feel it.

He took off toward the traffic then.


autumn said...

don't leave me hanging. oh please. lol. can't wait to see what's going to happen. this is getting intense. *bite nails again* lol.

taffy. said...

oh god oh god oh god.


Justkyut said...

wowzers! hurry Billy!

Cait said...

say it ain't so..guys..

jules said...

this is so exciting. write more please!Q :)

salve said...

i am afraid something bad happened to newt!

ellie's kyle said...

you need to update.now.

Sydney Speel said...

what what what what what.