an inconvenience

Newt had to ditch his next class. No way was he staying away from Amy now. He had to see her. Although, he thought he might be sick if he did see her. What if he threw up on her?

A lot of stuff was going through his head. All this with Frankie keeping an eye on him. Why couldn't she find something better to do? Why couldn't Craig be the center of her attention? Or even her daughter, Steph. Why did it have to be him?

All these thoughts filling his head on his bus ride to the hospital that he forgot to call Billy. Then his cell rang. Billy.

"Oh, aye." Newt wanted to cut this sweet and short.

"Finally, you answer the blood thing." Billy didn't sound happy.

"Sorry. It was necessary, you know. What's up?"

"Nothing. Really. Just bloody brilliant around here, you know." His voice was dull and a tad indifferent as if his mood was all Newt's fault.

"You need to chill." Newt told him.

"I very well am, but you could have let me know how you've been," Billy remarked. "You could have fell down the stairs or something. I would have never known."

"Quit being a pain." Newt told him.

"So when will you pop in?" Billy said.

"It wouldn't be a pop in, now would it, if I told you?"

"What are you doing right now?"

Newt stared at the cars passing by as he felt he was sitting still waiting for the bus to get him to the hospital as more patrons filled the bus. "I'm on my way to see Amy, all right?"

"Amy." Billy didn't sound to fond of that. "Whatever."

He hung up on him then.

"Well, I'm so in love with you too." Newt just muttered as he jerked with the bus as it came to a stop.


ellie said...

newt & billy. oh, the fun of making up...hmmmm....

Sydney Speel said...

oh goodness.

billy just cares, that's all!

taffy. said...

oh... i hope they have hot make-up sex

Lonnie said...

I'm wondering what will happen when he sees Amy.

Cait said...

wondering where it will go next.