not quite a rush

Simon finally called home, but he slept on the sofa at Laleh's. He felt so guilty seeing all the messages on his cell, but it was the thought of Craig that still bothered him more. He knew he was just being an idiot at the moment. Craig probably didn't even remember him. Even if he did, Simon was sure he meant nothing to him.

"Sorry, I didn't call," He started with a cringe. His head still ached if that helped his situation any. "I got into some of Kelsy's mess with her mix of friends. It was all a bit degrading. I stayed over at Maxie's."

"Maxie's?" He could hear Josh wasn't to fond to hear that.

"He isn't all that far from the Black Cat, you know." Simon added.

"We're just a hop, skip and jump, you know," Josh reminded him. "Or did you forget."

"I didn't forget," Simon sighed. "I just didn't feel like coming home a mess, all right. That's all there is to it."

"Oh, really, is it?" Josh fought back.

"Fine," Simon was ready for a shouting match. "I'll just stay here as long as I feel like it!"

He cut him off then. The cell rang instantly.

Simon fumed and looked up to see Maxie grab his phone to take the call.

"He'll stay as long as he feels like it." And he clicked it off quickly.

"What was that for?" Now Maxie was making him mad.

"You don't need this, now do you?" He put his phone in his pocket.

"But?" Simon tried to lift himself up off the sofa, but couldn't. He was sacked. A goner perhaps.

"Just chill, will you," Maxie said turning of the lamp next to the sofa. With that he left the livingroom and Simon shut his eyes.


taffy. said...


i hope simon tells josh about craig.
because josh will most definitely find out.

still, i agree, situations like that occur all the time. it was bound to happen to somebody, oh simon.

dapper kid said...

Hmm I take it he's feeling quite guilty. Eurgh, I do hate picking up my phone after leaving it somewhere and seeing missed calls or a number of texts.

blue hearts said...

Oh, Maxie. Let him save the day.