now that it happened

Billy looked for Newt. There was no way he could get across the busy street, now could he? It was dark, but the street lights shined brightly. He looked around hoping to find him.

Things had come to a hault so he made his way through the traffic. Finally, behind the stalled cars, he found Newt, He was on the corner with Ste who was down on the ground unconscious.

"Is he dead?" Billy's voice cracked. Had it come to this?

"No, I don't think so," Newt shook his.

"What are you doing? Don't save him from anything, Newt." Billy fretted.

"Can you make an emergency call?" Newt suggested.

Billy squinted hard. Really, he could barely focus on the numbers of his phone, he heard sirens then. They were already on their way. Someone had called it in.

"I'll call his sister," Billy staggered back a little as a crowd was now pulling in around Newt and Ste now.

"Hullo," Billy got through to Laleh. "There's been some bad news, I'm afraid." Billy choked on his own words wondering what was really happening. "Don't know exactly, but he'll be at the trama center, shortly. I presume." Billy started to shake then as he put his cell away and kept staring at Newt.

Finally, the medics took Ste away. The crowd had to subside. Billy waited. He so wanted to give Newt a piece of his mind. A good shove would do him, but he couldn't. He was all right. Didn't even need a thing from the medic.

"Christ, you're not going with him to the emergency, now are you!" Billy pushed his way in.

"I think I should."

"Shit." Billy snarled. Well, he'd have to come too. He just would. If Newt was going, he was too.

"We have no room." The medic informed Billy.

"Newt!" Billy pushed his fingers through his hair, and gritted a scowl. Well, he'd just walk then. He would. The door to the ambulence shut and Billy was left on his own.


autumn said...

wonder what's on Newt's mind. hmmmm.

you know what, i kept thinking about this story. lol @ me i know.

another.ellie said...

billy's attitude..priceless...

taffy. said...

when will they learn to leave ste be?!

i can't ever tell if i'm pro ste or anti ste...