oh the fun of it

Simon had to hold his tongue. He so wanted to say something about this. He had too.

"What has come over you, Sash?" He finally put in as he came down to the livingroom to see her with Rhys all cozy on the couch. Simon was prepaired for an intruder, but it was just them all lovey.

"Rhys has asked me to marry him," Sasha held up a little diamond ring that Simon had to squint to see on her finger.

"Are you serious?" Simon could see it coming. "Oh, joy."

About that time Josh came up from behind him and hugged him and rested his chin on Simon's shoulder. "Who would have thunk it, aye?"

Simon could hardly tolerate the bliss. That's what this was. Rhys would be sharing Sasha's room. This house would surly split its seams now, he thought.

"Its all rather new, actually." Sasha pressed her lips together then as if she hadn't a reason to be all that excited.

"Where is this all coming from?" Simon wasn't pleased. Perhaps Rhys had somehow roped her into all this letting her to believe what a lost cause he was and she alone could some how save him.

"Relax," Josh told him. "This is an occasion worth celebrating, now isn't it?" He went to the kitchen then to look for something to drink. He found a few bottles of lager.

"What does this mean?" Simon really already knew. "Is he living with us?"

Sasha looked at Rhys and smiled.

"Well, of course it does." Josh laughed. Simon had feeling this was just the beginning to the worst. Josh's cell rang then. "Wonder who that could be?" He looked at Simon.

Simon couldn't help but scowl. It really was too early in the morning that it could be anything good. Having Rhys here, certainly wouldn't.


autumn said...

i've got the same feeling as Simon. and besides, i still have doubts regarding Rhys' sincerity. hehe.

taffy. said...

but rhys is good now... right?

simon n josh said...

We can only hope. taffy.

autumn said...

it's ok to vent out on my page. i vent out to somebody's page sometimes, too. hehe.

and i get to experience those kind of thing with my girl friends/officemate. that's why i don't like getting along with them. i get along well with guys most of the time. =]