on the other side

Josh couldn't figure out what had happened to Simon. Of course, there was a bit of a riff between him, he guessed. Of course, it could have been so many things. Naturally, Sasha and Rhys were near the top of the list. Simon was probably just giving him the silent treatment at the hospital. But he wasn't used to this. They were more than mates. They didn't see eye to eye on everything, but usually Simon would come around. He would come around. He wasn't anywhere, though.

Josh looked down the hallways. Just then a nurse came looking for him.

"She's awake," she informed him.

"Really?" He went back to Amy's room. She looked a wee bit groggy to be coming around, but if the nurse said so then so be it.

"Amy, its me, Josh."

"Jos-" she barely made the words out with a squint.

"Its OK, you don't have to speak to me just yet if you can't." Josh nodded squeezing her hand delicately.

She just nodded.

"Leia will be so happy to see you," Josh smiled, but the name didn't seem to register with Amy. She looked away sad as if it was all finished.


"Your daughter?"

"Daughter?" Amy looked as if she were confused.

"It's OK," Josh hoped it was. "I think they need to look you over as it is. You'll be just fine, Amy, just fine." Josh caught himself grimacing. He wasn't sure he wanted to be here.


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that's what i thought, too. amnesia. oh nooooooooooo!