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Billy was thinking he should speak with Spike about Newt. Only, it felt weird in doing so. He couldn't think of the two being any relation. They were only half siblings. That was refreshing to remember. But he'd have to go over it in his head for days, probably. Although, he was thinking it while he was with Leia at the park.

They wouldn't be out long. The sun had been quite deceiving. The wind brought on a chill. "Come on, we should get something hot to drink," he told her taking her hand, thinking they should have gloves. At least she wore a warm knit hat that Sasha had made for her.

"Did you ask her to make one for me?" He asked on their way home.

"Only if its purple. She likes purple." Leia grinned.

"No, don't think so. Guess I'm out of luck," Billy chuckled as they met up with Craig who was just outside the Dog.

"You're Newt's older brother, aren't you?" Billy then picked up Leia.

"Not if I can help it," Craig looked at him as if he'd gotten him confused.

"But Newt lives with your family?" Billy looked at him.

"Yes, but I'm just visiting," Craig assured him.

"But Frankie is your mother, right?"

"Yeah, the one and only," Craig squinted as if he really didn't want to have much to say about her.

"Do you mind if we go in and I could talk a bit about something with you," Billy wondered. "Its about Newt."

Craig looked at Leia and smiled. "Of course."

Once they got settled in the pub and Billy had ordered Leia some chips along with some vegetable stew he told Craig about himself and Newt.

"But he doesn't want her to know, yet she goes on and on about every girl in the village as a slapper, too. Its confusing." Billy went on to say.

"Frankie feels there's not one out there good enough for her son. She'd have hard feelings about anyone, seriously." Craig got Billy a lager to warm him up.

"She feels that way about him, huh. Her son?" Billy wished it could be different.

"Her way of caring."

"It could make you run the other way." Billy winced and looked at Leia hoping some day he'd never be like that with her.

"Exactly, why do you think I stay away?" Craig laughed. "So just don't worry her. Don't question her. She'll find something to occupy her for a while, and it'll work its self out."

"I was just saying to Newt, he should see about moving in with his brother, Spike." Billy told him.

"Spike?" Craig winced. "He's Newt's brother?"


"No wonder I don't like Newt anymore than I do. A wanker, like Spike." Craig squinted more. Billy looked at Leia, hoping she didn't use that word in front of Simon.


dapper kid said...

Frankie is a bit odd with her parenting and the relationship with her children, but I think she is sincere in her efforts. Annnd swearing in front of a child!!

taffy. said...

the children... it's like one of those business deals with a bored business man? i can just picture him sitting there with a glass of whisky and trying to leave asap.

hm... i hope frankie croaks sometime soon.

ellie's kyle said...

I really think Billy is a good dad.

Cait said...

I like that bit about the cap..best.

Sydney Speel said...

i like purple too :)