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Newt wondered around in the halls of the hospital for a bit. He could have bought flowers, but he didn't. There was no news about Ste, either, other than he was asleep. A good long sleep. Maybe that would do him the most good. Perhaps, Amy was sleeping too, but as he peeked around the corner of her sunny room, there she was with her eyes open, and she smiled at him.

"What are you doing here?" She acted as if she'd lost an old friend. "Finally, someone I know."

"I should really be making revisions and all, but thought I'd come around, see how its going." He came closer to get a good look of her. Her head was still bandaged, but her complexion was better.

"Its all so fuzzy," She slight scowled, but he knew she didn't mean too. Not really. Not when she took his hand.

"I thought you might have forgotten about me," She almost laughed then. "It hurts when I do that."

"Your head?" Newt winced sitting there on the bed next to her.

"My whole body, actually."

"So you've spoken to Josh."

"Josh? Yeah, who is he again?" She squinted.

"Can't you remember?"

"No. Not yet." She shook her head.

"I'm sure it'll happen in time," Newt told her. "You have to give it time."

"That's what they say," Amy smiled. "But here you are, I know you. I know your name is Newt. Why is that so significant and no one else is?"

"Got me," Newt shrugged. He started to think of names that she might remember. "Billy? Anything?"

"No, not really. He works in the pub?"

"Yes. So you've seen him.?Hey, you don't have to learn to talk all over, that's amazing."

"Its so hard to remember, you know."


"Its like its on the tip of my tongue, and its like I should know. I really want to know, but nothing. Nothing comes to mind." She closed her eyes tight then.

"I guess Ste means nothing, either."

"Ste?" She flinched then. "Just a bad feeling when I hear his name. I don't know why. I dunno." She sighed.

"Why? Why would you remember me of all people?" Newt just smiled.

"I dunno." She laughed. "Maybe because you're in my dreams. And I know, you love me, Newt. You just do."

Newt nodded. He wasn't sure how to get out of this one.


taffy. said...

perhaps he doesn't actually want to get out of it...

ellie said...

Oh, newt come clean now will you..but that just isn't you.