ugly stuff

Billy was ready to do this. It had to happen now. He'd tell Frankie everything. He would just tell her she'd just have to get used to the fact that Newt had a boyfriend.

Of course, when he saw the look on her face when he saw her standing there, he knew he was looking into evil. He shrank. His whole ego went soft and nervous and he could hardly look at Frankie who was all bitter with all these questions "Where's Newt?"

"I haven't seen him." Billy flat out lied and hoped Newt stayed still in his little flat.

"I don't understand him!" Now she looked physically ill. He'd offer her tea, but he was afraid too.

"Probably at the hospital. I hear Amy is coming around."

"AMY!" That even made her more furious.

Billy wish he hadn't said her name.

"NOT THAT SLAPPER!" Frankie pulled a face.

"Well, she has been in a coma for sometime," Billy thought for sure Frankie was a witch now. He would have to save Newt from her now.

"She's bad news. Always has been for the village," Frankie snapped. "I wouldn't dare let Newt have the likes of her."

"There are just some things you can't do anything about, you know," Billy found himself saying. "Like who you might fall in love with. And some of the biggest mistakes and be some of the best things in your life."

She wasn't listening. Just fuming.

"Tell you what, if Newt does come by, I'll tell him you were looking for him. I'll tell him he should go straight home. I'm sure he's fine." Billy told her.

"If he wasn't so much to worry about. I'm going to get old before my time." She hugged herself then. Billy wanted to tell her she was already old, but he knew that wasn't exactly going to get him anywhere other than have her spew a little more at his doorstep. He had to send her on her way. No way would he say word about Newt and himself.


Psyconym said...

I looked it up adn apparently infants tend to do alot of staring, I think my parents were freaked because I was their first, and only, baby. Thanks for the comment. Hope you are doing ok?


taffy. said...

frankie... scares me.

cats n curses said...

wooo..Billy just can't seem to face up to stuff..still.

autumn said...

lol @ Billy. so funny to think that he got afraid seeing frankie. lol.