what's a boy to do

Simon was alone in the drive and buy to pick up some dinner. God knows, who'd be there to eat at home. Probably, Rhys who he thought should be at his Dad's shop clerking, but he wasn't. Probably grinning somewhere in the middle of a dart game going on, who all he'd slept with for the week.

Simon so wanted to get rid of this attitude of his. It was even disgusting himself. He so wanted to embrace the situation, but how could he when it was all so pathetic. He picked up some banannas, even they looked a bit off to him. Maybe it was just all a sick world and he'd just have to get used to it even if he didn't want to buy something with brown marks all over it. He picked up one.

Just then Kelsy found him, gave him a hug and a kiss, yet he cringed to her touch.

"Must you!" It didn't stop her for a second, rubbing up against him as if she was on the market for a good price if he was willing in her high heeled black boots and fishnet stockings.

"And a fine how do you do, too." She scowled. He scowled back.

"What do you want?" He gave her another I hate you look.

"Oh my, what do we have here?" Kelsy laughed, holding up the bananna as if it might be an instrument of pleasure. "What are you going to do with that thing?"

"Put it back. It was the only one that looked good in the bunch, all right." He opened his eyes wide looking at her who seemed more thin and more shallow than ever.

"Why don't you put that back, and come have a drink with me," Kelsy smiled. Her rainbow hair sparkling.

"I think not," He shook his head. He was pretty sure he could catch a disease from her just with one breath. She reeked of cigarettes and alcohol already.

"Oh come on, you stuck up puff." She looped her arm around his. "You never have any fun, anymore." She batted her lashes. "It would just be a drink. Only a drink."

She was getting to him. When was the last time he had any fun? Really? She put the bananna back where he'd found it on the mound of darken fruit.

"You'll see. It'll be great." She put her arm around him. Just about that time the old woman who had seen them before in the shop came around the corner from the candy.

"Where's your baby?" She asked.

"Oh, at the sitter's," Kelsy told her. "Luv, here thought we needed a night out." She tickled Simon in the ribs then and he couldn't help but laugh.


taffy. said...

i'm worried!
but i love the line about kelsy holding the banana :)

ivy fan fic said...

simon simon..oh boy

Sydney Speel said...

simon! lighten up my boy!